Saturday, December 02, 2006

Not well

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I've not been feeling too good for the past week, fever came and stayed for like 5 days. I'm down with a sore throat, blocked nose and then it lead to an ear infection. I had to go to the doctor's twice and I sure didn't like it. Now when I see my doc, I will start crying in protest! Mummy mentioned that I used to smile and laugh at him when I was younger...huh?!!! what was I thinking of then? How can I smile and laugh at someone that probes me all over?!

Being sick is really no fun...I've no more appetite and I'm losing weight. The last we checked, I was 7.5kgs, lost 0.2 kgs within 2 days and I'm losing more as I'm not eating or drinking as much as before. Mummy is worried and wonders how to feed me...her tactic now is to feed me frequently in small amounts with my favourite snacks thrown in too like biscuits and bread. Any ideas how to maintain at least my weight and not lose more?

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Lucas said...

I am sick too, Ryeli jie-jie. My mum says to try new recipes, juices etc.

My appetite has gone & changed too - I used to like the mixed veggy by Heinz but now, I spit it all out!

Chicken/meat stock adds flavor to porridge (dun need to eat the meat if you don't want to).