Sunday, November 26, 2006

Looking more like who?

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Let me first show you 2 old pictures...

One of them is Ah Mai (Papa's sister) and the other one is Mummy when they were both were just babies. Which one do you think my Mummy is?

If you say the second one, wrong! I sure do like Ah Mai don't I?

And here's a pic of Papa when he was just a boy (we don't have any of his baby pictures in the house)...

Don't you think he's such a pretty boy? my new found trick when you ask me to show you my tongue. How it all started is that Mummy always show me hers so one day (about a month back), I responded with mine and the rest is just history.

Papa scolded Mummy for teaching me her bad habits and she denied it...but we found proof that it is an old habit of hers alright!


KittyCat said...

Hey, I guessed the second one too! Ha ha're so chubby when you were a kid and Rye Li can sure stick out her tongue =)

Anonymous said...

My dear Ryeli, you and your Ah Mai sure look alike. But don't you think she has a bigger forehead? Yours look so much better. Your mommy is one adorable baby, I bet you have her great personalities. You also look a bit like you daddy - without the big forehead of course!

Love you a lot,
Your Most Loyal Fan from LA

ryeli said...

kitty cat : now you know where rye li gets her chubbiness from although she cant beat me! :D

yea, couldnt believe it either how long her tongue can be.

most loyal fan from LA : hehe, thanks. but Ah Mai's and papa's foreheads now aren't that obvious anymore so i guess it doesn't really matter eh?! and you know what they say about big foreheads, very smart people! :D