Monday, November 13, 2006

All I want for Christmas is ...

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Yes, my two front teeth! No, they’re not out yet…should I be worried?! I know Mummy is….I’ll be turning 1 end of next month and my teeth are just not coming out. The bumps are there, they’ve been around for the last 5 months but they refuse to pop out!

On my other physical progress, I’m now 7.54kgs and 65.5cm in height…still petite! On the brighter side, I’m now standing without support and can stand for more than 30 seconds on my own. I’m walking about my cot and also along the sofa. All bets on me that I’ll be walking confidently by the time I hit a year old….we shall just see.

Some pics of me…

in your face....this is what I'll do if you don't let me get what i want

my natural hitler pose, it's actually higher but the camera couldn't capture it in time

me getting bored

me totally bored and trying to get the message across

There’s some more pics and some videos too….be patient ya…they are on the way…stay tuned!


Lucas' Mum said...

You're getting prettier by the day! My mummy is SOOOOO busy but just wanted to say that your Mum should no worry - some kids are born with a tooth and some only see teeth at the end of year 1.

You're so cute when you're bored he he I will be screaming bloody murder and trying to climb out of the chair if I'm bored!

ryeli said...

yea, let's see if any of my teeth comes out by Christmas if not i will be singing that song the whole day for sure!

actually, i have been trying to stand up on my high chair but have been screamed at by both Mummy and Papa. their scream is enough to have your butt-butt glued back down to the seat. but i still will try my luck anyway....hehe.