Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Up in the sky to north

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I flew on a plane sooner that expected. Ah Kong (paternal grandfather) is not well lately and Mummy and I had to fly up to Penang last minute to join Papa there 2 weeks back.

Mummy was worried the whole time as I've been coughing and also had runny nose. She was grateful that Papa's colleague, Uncle K was also flying with us as he had to go to Penang to work. At least if Mummy had to go to the loo, he's around to carry me. He also helped in carrying my bag for me which was really heavy...Mummy packed alot of my things (she got carried away again).

The flight was cancelled so we had to wait for the next one (lucky again that Uncle K was with us). So we had late lunch at the airport and I had my early dinner there too except that I didnt finish my food.

The plane journey was kinda ok except that I cannot stop fidgetting around and cannot sit still. I was supposed to be strapped on when the plane took off but I fussed so much that I managed to get lose from the strap. Mummy tried to feed me this funny drink which I declined totally. It was sour, seems it's pear juice and tasted really horrible. I kept moving about and disturbed this uncle sleeping next to us by touching his hand and watch, Mummy had to keep apologizing to him. Mummy made me stand up and I was playing with this uncle and aunty sitting behind us.

Towards the end when we were about to land, suddenly my ears hurt and I cried but it lasted for a while only and all was ok after that. While waiting to get out of the plane, Mummy left me to sit on my own on the seat. All the aunties and uncles around me who were standing all looked at me smiling. I felt so overwhelmed that once Mummy opened her arms to carry me, I quickly jumped to her.

This is my third time in Penang and I was not feeling too well. I had fever during my stay and was coughing alot with a very runny nose. Had to take medication throughout. Papa joked that the eldest (Ah Kong) and the youngest (me) wasn't feeling well. Ah Kong and Ah Por were very happy to see me and we made most of our trip spending time with them. After 2 nights with them, Papa, Mummy and I went home by car. We hope to go back and visit them soon. Take care Ah Kong and Ah Por, see you two soon!

My next flight will take place just over a month's time and I hear it is longer than the one I just took...Mummy swore to use diluted adult's juice this time instead of the baby juice she got me.

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