Monday, October 23, 2006

Deeparaya adventures

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Papa is missing again... and this time round, in his absence, I have alot of people around me. It started with Kakak (Aiyee's assistant) hanging around the house and then, there's also Ah Mai (Papa's sister). Ah Mai came back for a week as Ah Kong (paternal grandfather) is not feeling too well. Then Ah Mai left for the States and this was when Mummy and I came over to Ai Yee's (Mummy's sister) place to stay.

It's been alot of changes for me that I'm was very clingy to Mummy initially. I don't usually go to Mummy and lie on her chest but I have been these few days. It took me awhile to warm up with everyone but I am ok now with all especially with Grandma and she's really happy that I wanted her today. She's been complaining that Mummy doesn't bring me over that often (and hence, I'm not familiar with them).

Everyone dotes on me here and gives me all the attention I want. If Mummy is not around, I get away with alot of things but if she's around, she spoils the fun for me. Like last nite, I learnt how to scream and everyone laughed when I screamed. Mummy told them not to react to my screaming but they all ignored her when she went and had her bath so I was screaming all the way. What fun!!!

Here's the pics with my cousins, RW cher cher (big sister) and JT kor kor (big brother)

And this one, I've learnt how to watch tv with them (to Mummy's disapproval) once I wake up early in the morning.

Papa, when are you coming home? If you're reading this, Mummy says she wanna loads of goodies. Goodies sound good, I wanna some too ok?!!! Hurry up and come back ya.


Anonymous said...

Love ryeli's 1st photo with RW, she's sooo cute!

Papa said...

Thank u mama to have this update! They always warmth my heart, luv u!Papa miss u 2 lots! No worries, Papa will hv lots of goodies for u 2 and sure mama will be like - how much? how much? hehe!