Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My duck-ducks

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Let me introduce to you my duck-ducks...it started with the musical one that hangs in the car above my car seat. This is quite special because it plays music when you pull the string underneath it. It plays 'Lullaby and Goodnight'. This keeps me entertained in the car. Only at 7 months I managed to learn how to play the music myself and don't need mummy's or papa's help to play the music for me.

It's a pity that I don't have this musical duck-duck anymore in the car. When the first one got spoilt (the string got stuck), papa bought another one from the same store but it also got spoilt not long after that so I'm now duck-duckless in the car.

It's okay, I got the other duck-ducks at home...these duck-ducks keep me company when I'm having my bath. I love having them around and I know it's bath time when I see them. The bigger one you see in the picture, this is my prize trophy! One day, we were out in the shopping mall and mummy was about to pay for something at the counter. Papa noticed this big duck-duck sitting on the counter and pass it to me and I refused to let it go after that. So mummy had to pay for it too and I was holding the duck-duck throughout our stay at the mall and also in the car till we got home. I even slept holding the duck-duck in my hands. Mummy told papa that lesson learnt from this is to never ever pass toys to me anymore in the store, especially expensive toys! Lucky for her this duck-duck was on discount and it is not expensive.

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