Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mummy’s entry – coming home today

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Had to coax Rye Li again in following me home when I went to pick her up from the nursery just now. She was at the baby’s room and when she was brought outside to me, she passed along the other kids playing with toys and so she was more interested in them. So Ms. Ng bribed her with biscuits, Myvito brand which the biscuit shape is round.

In the car, on the way home, she was eating them one at a time in which when she was done, I would give her another one while I was driving. When we were nearly home, she asked for another one and I gave it to her.

Upon reaching home, I heard her saying “mmmmmmmmmmm” with high and low tone mixed in between. I thought she was just doing one of her gibberish talk in her own language and didn’t bother to turn around and check on her. She went on doing this again. When she did it for the 4th time or so, I turned around to check on her and realized that she was holding on to the biscuit as if she was “driving a car” with the biscuit as her steering wheel. I immediately burst out laughing and she also laughed along. The sounds were her making the engine sounds.

I’ve never taught her those “engine” sounds before nor about using an object as a steering wheel so I’m guessing that she picked this up from the elder kids at the nursery. She really made my day today….she’s getting cheekier by the day and she knows how to make us laugh even when we’re supposed to be angry at her.

Another thing to add while we were home, just her and myself, I had a call from my client in which I spoke to for over an hour. And this girl didn’t pester me at all during that time, she just played along with her toys next to me and when she can, she will sit on my lap. My client thought that she was not around throughout the call. If I’m not on the phone, she will be bugging me for sure with her “Mamee this or Mamee that” or with her endless demands. What surprises me is that she can be quiet when either myself or her papa is on the phone. But when we’re having a conversation, for sure she will interrupt us. Go figure!

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Vien said...'s funny how Ryeli refuses to go home. My FIL told me Belle does that too. But Jon and I don't seem to get that from her whenever we pick her up.