Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ms. Little Parrot and Stubborn

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I'm a little parrot these days, repeating words that are told to me by mummy or papa. Most times I pronounced the words correctly but at times you have to roughly make out what I'm trying to say. It can be annoying at times but I'd rather believe that I'm more cute than annoying! ;)
On other matters, Papa is becoming more like mummy at times, that is, he will also punish and nag me when I become naughty. Last night, while mummy was having her shower, I was playing with mummy's stuff by the bed even after papa nagged me many times not to touch them. He warned me one last time but I just ignored him and the next thing I knew, he came over and lifted me up and put me to sit down by the wall.
I was so surprised and mad by his actions that I refused to look at him nor talk to him. I just entertained myself with a little toy I had in my hand. I knew papa was looking at me but I refused to look up. This went on for like 10 minutes till mummy finished her shower and came out. She saw me sitting down on my own quietly and asked why was I sitting there.
Papa told her what happened and she asked me why was I naughty. When she walked away, I called out to her refusing to acknowledge papa. Then she asked me to say "sorry" and I lifted my hands up on my head (my actions for sorry) and she asked me to say the word "sorry" which I know how to but I totally refused and sulking away at mummy and papa.
Think papa felt sorry and opened his arms and asked me to go over to him. I quickly got up and went to him and he hugged me. And I quickly changed topic by becoming my usual cheeky self and started chatting and playing away.

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Papa said...

Is not easy to be angry at baby, Papa was staring at the clock and trying my best not to give in...I would have lost at 3 minutes... love ya.