Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rye Li – 1, Mummy – 0 incidents

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Some time back, mummy wanted to go to the convenient store at our condo to buy some stuff. So she took me along and I wanted to be carried. She managed to convince me to walk on my own by telling me nicely (more like threatening to me) that if I do not walk on my own I will be sent back to Papa at home. A week after that, same thing again. But this time I got smarter, I took my own sweet time to walk. In fact, I didn’t walk; I just stood still and wouldn’t budge even after mummy telling me numerous times. This went on for a while, and mummy gave up persuading me and finally carried me. ;)

Last week, after my shower, mummy wanted me to wear this hand-me-down Elmo dress which I’ve been refusing to wear, even at the nursery. Mummy received a note from the nursery “Mum, Rye Li does not want to wear this dress” that week and she decided to give it a go with me again since she managed to force me to wear it a few weeks back.

I was protesting “don wan eh-mo (Elmo), don wan” and mummy was saying “ok, if you don’t want to wear this dress, mummy will go over to Jasmine mei-mei’s house (my neighbour who’s 4 months younger than I am) and give her this dress” and I replied “don wan”. And mummy said “if Rye Li don’t want to wear than who’s going to wear? Might as well give to Jasmine mei-mei. If not, then Rye Li wear ok?” and I said “em” and wore the dress that day.

Today, I got smarter when mummy tried the same trick. I again refused to wear it and kept saying “don wan eh-mo (Elmo), don wan” and when mummy said that she will give it to Jasmine mei-mei, I said “em”. Mummy didn’t believe this and even said “ok, I’m going over now and give Jasmine mei-mei this dress ok?” and I nodded yes and said “em”.


twin said...

hahahha ... so cute. now she's choosing her own clothes huh. so bad la mommy .. force her to wear something she doesn't want to. :)

ryeli said...

twin - yea lor bad mummy. must not give in to her all the time mah. anyway, i'm the baddie at home, the one that disciplines her most of the time (tht's why she doesn't want to follow me home fromy ms. ng's...hehe)