Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tying my hair

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This post is dedicated to Belle’s mummy as she has mentioned not once but a few times a while back to how I allow mummy to tie my hair with pretty clips and all.

It was easy at the beginning as I wasn’t smart enough yet to realize that my hair was clipped up. Mummy always managed to distract me when she clips up my fringe. I only get to realize when I touched my head and felt the clip there. Of course, I will pull it out and mummy will somehow manage to put it there again without me knowing.

Then I got smarter and will detest whenever mummy wants to put the clip there or tie my hair. But mummy never gave up and will even tie my hair up while I’m crying.

Eventually, she made it a fun thing as she puts all my clips and rubber bands into a plastic bottle and when it is time to tie my hair, I get to take everything out from the bottle and play with them while mummy does her thing on my hair. This became a habit and whenever mummy says “ok, time to tie your hair”, I will go get the bottle and sit down for her.

Just now, after she tied my hair and all, I refused to let her put back all the rubber bands and clips into the bottle. So she said “alright, you can stay here and play and when you’re done, please put them back into the bottle and put it back on the shelf ok?” and I replied “em” (meaning ok).

Mummy left me there in my room alone and after like 5 minutes or so, I came out to her at the living room. She went “you kept your hair clips already?” and I went “em”. Guessed she didn’t believe me coz she walked to my room and I followed her and she went “wah, such a good girl you are, put back all on the shelf some more. Mummy’s so proud of you” and she gave me a big kiss.

Another thing to add, I’ve become a vain pot as well (since the other girls at the nursery are always tying there hair too so I also want a share of the attention and hence I allow the aunties there to tie my hair).


Vien said...

Belle is a hopeless case. Now she has short hair, her mommy doesn't have to get mang chang trying to tie her hair up. :P

twin said...

hehe aren't all girls vain ... :) great huh .. so many cute stuff to buy for them. sometimes i would stop buy some hair clips and stuff for denisha and most of the time she would choose it herself ... talk about vain!!!

ryeli said...

vien - heh?! u've cut her hair? well, at least she allows you to cut her hair. ;)...i've yet to go there.

twin - i'm just glad i got a girl! ;) wouldn't mind another many pretty things to buy for them eh?!