Saturday, August 04, 2007

Physical and other updates

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I was at my doc’s 2 weeks ago for my booster jab, good news is that I don’t have to see him till I’m 2 years old! Phew!

The usual thing to do when I got there was to take my weight and height measurements by the nurse. This is the first time I cried while taking my measurements. When mummy put me on the weighing machine, I started crying. And when it was done, she carried me to the other side to take my height measurement but I refused to let go, clinging on to her so tightly like a baby monkey. She had to practically force me away while I was screaming my head off.

Anyway, my weight was 9.4kgs (nearly 21 pounds) and my height was 74cm. Still petite eh?!

And as usual, when my turn came…the moment I entered the room and had a look at my doctor, I started crying till I left the room after like 10 minutes. My cries got louder when my doctor started checking on me. In between, I was sobbing “Don want” while shaking my head and also “ma-mee” but they didn’t work. Mummy and Papa was trying to calm me down but it didn’t work coz the doctor was still checking on me. When it was time for the jab, I knew coz I felt my doctor’s touch on my waist and I screamed louder and then I felt that sharp pain. I continued crying after that and subsided a little when I was asked to say bye-bye to my doctor. I just looked at him and gave him a miserable wave and we were out of there.

I later complaint to mummy “pain-pain” while touching the area where I had the jab and also while having my shower.

On my teeth updates, my molars on my left side (both upper and lower) have finally cut through which means I can eat more of mummy’s and papa’s food which I’m demanding more off these days. But when you look at me when I smile, you will still see a set of six teeth, 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom.

As for my speech, I’m learning how to relate objects to the owners. For example, when I see mummy’s car, I will go “ma-mee tar (car)” and then I will go “rai-yee (rye li) tar”. Or I will say "ma-mee choo (shoe) and then i will go "rai-yee choo".

And these days whenever I see things I want, I will go “I want dis (this)” and I will keep repeating this until I get them in my hands. And if I’m not heard I will go “PAPA, I WANT DIS”.

A few nights ago, when it was bed time, I was on mummy’s and papa’s bed playing refusing to fall asleep while mummy was watching tv. I guess I got on mummy’s nerves as she switched the tv off and said “ok, everybody oi-oi (sleep)”. And I went “yea, oi-oi, yea, oi-oi, oi-oi, oi-oi” while I laid down in between mummy and papa. And mummy went “Rye Li, this is mummy’s and papa’s bed. Mummy and papa oi-oi here, Rye Li oi-oi in your cot-cot ok?”. I replied “em” (meaning ok) and mummy carried me over to my cot while saying “night-night Rye Li” and I replied “nait-nait ma-mee papa, papa mamee, nait-nait” and then I asked mummy to “pat-pat” while putting my hands on my back to indicate where I want to be patted to sleep.

And I know how to sing songs now to twinkle, twinkle little stars, old macdonald’s, row row row your boat, baa baa black sheep and few other songs to my music class’ CDs. Mummy is surprised that I can sing along with her and she’s assuming that I picked this up from the singing I get at the nursery. When mummy gets to capture this on video, I will post this up yea. Actually, I have an old macdonald’s video a few months back but it is too huge to be put up on youtube, so wait till mummy finds another alternative to put this up.

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