Sunday, September 24, 2006

Of excitement and baby's babble

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Finally Mummy discovered how to upload videos now I can share with you all my videos. This particular one shows how happy I am, well, more like extreme excitement with my new toy, the purple ball. Mummy bought this from my music class since I showed interest in the balls during the class all the time. Note how professional I can be in dodging the ball. Hehe.. and Mummy thought she can hit me with it (by the way, it is not painful when it hits me and Mummy tested it on Papa and herself before she did it to me).

This second video of me is one where I'm practising how to talk like the big people around me. To those of you who knows Mummy, don't you think I'm beginning to sound like her?!!! Also, take note of my tongue...I've got this funny way of curling in to one side only. Even mummy and papa can't do it.

Another note: since that video, I now mostly say "ah dah, dah, dah". Mummy jokingly told papa whether he wants me to call him "Daddy" now since I'm pronouncing the D sounds more but he refused. So they are placing bets on who will I be calling first.

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