Thursday, July 31, 2008

I miss my papa

I've been telling my papa and mummy that "I miss my papa" whenever he goes for his business travels. I don't like papa going for his work when he doesn't come home at nights. He's my playing buddy at home and I sure miss the fun when he's not around. Mummy is not as fun as papa - at least he really spends the time with me and make me laugh.

Just last week, he was in Penang and when he called back at nights, I will immediately say "I miss you!". When mummy came and picked me up from Aunty Ng's, I asked her "Where is papa?" and she told me that he was in Penang. And I replied "I don't want, I want my papa (to) come home now!". So when papa called that night, I told him "I miss you papa, papa come home now" but it didn't work at all as he didn't come home immediately. I was given the lecture by mummy if papa don't work, how to have money and hence, how to buy me things, etc. But I will still say "I miss my papa" and will be sulking most of the times. When I'm really sad, I will also cry.

Mummy wonders where did I learn this from as she didn't mention this to me before. She is now worried if she ever goes away, I will do this to her too which I did several weeks back when she had to go away for a night for work. I said the same thing "I miss you" and really cried over the phone. Papa had to end the phone conversation and comfort me after that.

I'm also aware that papa gets to stay in nice hotels when he travels for work as mummy commented this last week when he was in Penang. She was telling him that we also want to stay at the hotel. So a few nights ago, when mummy made the comment that papa is going to Singapore these few days for work, I told papa "Mummy and Rye Li also want to stay in hotel" and I added "NICE hotel room". Papa thinks mummy influenced me too much - well, she told him what does he expect from me since I spent more time with her when he is away and the fact that I ask alot of questions these days, mummy have no choice but to answer me. And this is where I learn most things from these days.

I miss my papa - papa, when are you coming home? I want to go to the airport to pick you up but mummy said cannot because you're coming home by taxi. Next time ok?!


Mummy to QiQi said...

all papa n mama give d same excuse yeah!!

Sasha said...

sigh my son also kept telling me " I want dadidi..... I want dadidi.."

poor kids gotto go thru this missing daddy period

KittyCat said...

Hahaha, NICE addition there, Rye Li's mummy!!!

Lucas just told us he doesn't want to take the bus to church - he only wants to ride in taxis (oh no, a little emperor in the making)