Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Me first, me first!

It’s been some time ever since I had this “me first” syndrome. Everything we do, I always have to be the first one and I will go “Me first, me first!”.

When we reach or leave home, I have to be the first one that enters or exits the house. If I don’t, I will give you my infamous black face and will sulk. My Kakak will give in to me but not my mummy at times, especially when she’s rushing. Mind you, my mummy will just let me cry it out if I burst into tears which is why I will just sulk instead (saves the energy).

When it’s time for my shower, I will get upset when my mei-mei has her bath first and I will complaint and sulk big time after that (to mostly getting either nagged or ignored by my mummy).

This has been annoying mummy a lot lately as she always nag me that there are no such thing as “Me first” but I will still insist as my friends at the daycare always do this to me.

So mummy has been telling me if I like this “me first” business a lot, the next time when we’re at the doctor's, I can go first instead of my mei-mei and I will quickly respond “No, mei-mei first!” and this has always been the case every time we see the doctor together. I hope we’re not seeing the doctor soon.


KittyCat said...

Oh gosh...it's same here too! He'll actually wail and burst into tears if I take my bath first :P

I actually posted about it in my new blogspot - he'll always say, "Lucas qian mian, you hou mian" to everyone. And he gloats!!!

Sasha said...

hahhahaha mummy got a good idea!

Zara's Mama said...

See doctor, get punishment, sure all meimei first.