Monday, May 15, 2006

Of laughs and hiccups

Ever since I’ve learnt how to laugh, it has become a natural thing for me to hiccup immediately after a good hearty laugh. It doesn’t bother me initially but lately, when I hiccup for too long, it gets on my nerve. Mummy or Papa will try and make it go away by giving me water and it works most of the time. I think my internal system is still too young to understand how laughing works. Mummy will regret for making me laugh when I start to hiccup after that but she cannot help it coz she finds me so adorable when I laugh. Papa took a video of me laughing and then hiccupping but Mummy hasn’t figure out how to download that to my site yet. So you just have to wait to see how adorable I am. In fact, if you notice, not a picture of me has been up on this site…mummy tried once but not successful. She is trying to find the time to make this happen…so just be patient ya?! ;)


Zara's Mama said...

Luckily your mummy and daddy didn't make you hold your breath when you have hicups.. hee hee.

ryeli said...

zm...u mean this method works too?! ;) will try on rye li when she's able to understand instructions. haha.