Friday, May 28, 2010

Mummy's entry - on giving birth

It’s interesting that Rye Li has yet to ask me about the birds and the bees, not that I want her to also. :D

She knows that a baby comes from the mummy’s tummy and that the tummy will grow bigger and bigger and when it is big enough, the baby will come out. She also knows that the baby will either come out from the tummy or from the vagina but she has never thought about it until recently when I told her one of my good friends has just given birth to a baby girl. And she went:-

Rye Li: Baby T came out from Aunty J’s stomach ah?

Mummy: Yes, Baby T came out from the stomach coz her head was facing up inside the tummy and cannot come out from the pot-pot (our home slang for referring to the vagina)

Rye Li: Oh

Mummy: Rye Li and mei-mei came out from mummy’s pot-pot

Rye Li: Eeeeeyuucks! Disgusting!

Mummy: Well, there’s only 2 ways of the baby coming out. It’s either from the tummy where the doctor will cut the tummy and once the baby is out, the doctor will sew the tummy up. Or the baby will come out from the pot-pot.

Immediately she replied “Next time when I have babies, I want my babies to come out from my pot-pot!

And I thought she would tell me that she’s never having babies. :D


Annie Q said...

hahahhahah, she is so cute!!! She must be scare about the doc cut the stomach up and thought come out from "pot pot" no pain.

KittyCat said...

She's curious, eh? The boy surprisingly isn't even though he's seen me change the baby a lot of times.

But he'll giggle like crazy if he sees me undressing and he's self-conscious when I change him in front of others. He'll tell them "Guan ni de yen jing!!!" hahaha.