Thursday, September 23, 2010

My 4th Birthday*

*Yes, this is another very backdated post considering with the fact that I will be 5 in 3 months time. Don't blame me that it took sooo long to do update this. :)

I celebrated my 4th birthday last year on 31st December. First thing I did when I got up was to open my birthday presents. They were actually under our Christmas tree but I had to put these aside to wait for my actual birthday.

I didn't go to Aunty Ng's that morning as I had a date with papa. He took me to One Utama to watch Princess & The Frog. We had McDonald's for brunch and I also had the chance to play at the playground as well as sat on several musical rides (something which I hardly ever get the chance to when mummy is around). I even had popcorn while watching the movie and I was really happy!

Later in the late afternoon, we met mummy at home and I was greeted by my birthday cake that I was to celebrate at Aunty Ng's with all my friends. I personally asked for this type of cake "Diamond Castle Chocolate Cake" and I was soooooo happy seeing it.

We went over to Aunty Ng's in the early evening with my birthday cake and this round, no party packs. Mummy said from now onwards (until I have an actual party), there will no longer be any party packs. So since I brought my leftover popcorn from the movie, I gave some to my friends who wanted them.

waiting for the cake to be ready for the birthday song, with the box of popcorn in my hand

chatting with Darien while the other kids all wait for the candles

candles ready, now waiting for someone to light them

posing for mummy

another pose before the birthday song is sung

all of a sudden, feeling so shy when my friends sang to me

cake-eating time, i ate all the icing stuff and mummy had to finish the rest

all my friends at Aunty Ng's enjoying my birthday cake

posing with my presents from Aunty Ng and Aunty Alice

my friends all curious to see what present i had

it's a barbie doll set (i told Aunty Ng what I wanted for my birthday, she also gave me barbie doll last year)

Later that evening, we celebrated my birthday dinner at Dome's. Mummy actually wanted TGIF but they had a fixed menu to usher in the New Year that night so we all settled for Dome's instead.
chosing my complimentary birthday cake, Chocolate Cake (my birthday cake tasted much better)

walking around the restaurant with my mei-mei

after we had our dinner, i was greeted with my complimentary birthday cake by one of the staff

and then, the rest of them came and sang to me. i felt like a princess, okay a very shy one!

actually, what i really wanted for my birthday was some princess jewelry which my parents said to wait for my prince charming to give them to me one day!

I had another birthday cake, made by Aunty Ng specially for me. A doll jelly cake! She also made one for me for my 3rd birthday

This was how I celebrated my 4th birthday last year....wonder if I will celebrate my 5th birthday this year end (just over 3 months time) with a big bang?!!! :D


Shireen Loh said...

your dress is pretty and what a wonderful celebration. ask mommy for a big do this year ok. need to pai seh wan...geggege

Mummy to QiQi said...

So beautiful and HUGE cake u have there, Rye Li. Mummy and Daddy must have put in a lot effort ler...

zmm said...

Wa... Ryeli why you are so late with this post?
But never mind.. time to reminise the beautiful cakes you have. :P

KittyCat said...

Very, very, very nice birthday, Rye Li! :D

I see the "princess" theme is very strong among the girls LOL

Did your Mummy want TGIF for the cool birthday songs that the staff sing for patrons? I know I really like it.

By the way, Papa is way more fun than Mummy at our house too ;-) But always remember this: Whatever Mummy does, it's for your own good!!!

LittleLamb said...

Hi Rye-Li's mom..
This is Rachel here. We met the other night for Steamboat....
After doing some blog searching and blog reading...I think i speed read here n there (between this and Haye-Li..) you have 2 beautiful gals over there :)

Your post..nevermind. Better late than never kan..;p

mommy to chumsy said...

oh wow, her birthday cake is beautiful...just like the birthday girl :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

I like Rye Li's pink b'day dress, so sweet. You bought it or tailor made it?