Sunday, September 19, 2010

Christmas 2009*

*The title says it all, a very backdated post indeed. :)

Our Christmas last year was good, we put up our Christmas tree about 3 weeks before Christmas and my mei-mei and I helped papa set it up.
I put up the star!

A pretty pose with our decorated Christmas tree

On Christmas eve, we spent it at my Kai Yeh's (Godfather) parents place. Waiting for our presents, there were so many since all who came are suppose to get all the kids presents. I like this rule! :D

Although it was Christmas eve, I was allowed to open one present and it was from my Kai Yeh and it was a princess jewelry box! I love it!

On Christmas day itself, first thing in the morning, we were allowed to open all the presents I got from everybody else including mummy and papa. There will be more later in the afternoon when we are at Uncle Ivan's place.
this is the barbie doll umbrella that Aunty Ng (my caretaker at the daycare) got me

Later in the afternoon, we went over to Uncle Ivan's place and this was what greeted us....
and of course, the spectacular view too...this is one place you wanna be to see fireworks in town!

A pretty pose!

I went for a swim with my cousins but I only hung out at the baby pool, I didn't dare join them in the big pool, even with the one that has a huge water slide

We came back, got changed just to open our presents!

My cousin, Ro Wyn, distributing the presents

That night, we headed over to our Peh Deh's (papa's brother) place for dinner.
Since I cannot bully Shane, our little cousin, I was disturbing my mei-mei - see how Arnie on TV was so fascinated

the main purpose we were there, to open another present! :D

but my mei-mei and I enjoyed helping Shane opened his instead and also were eyeing on his new toy!

Nice Christmassy cupcakes that looks too good to be eaten!

That's our celebration for Christmas 2009, I'm definitely looking forward to this year's Christmas because not long after that would be my birthday! :D


jacss said...

alamak....u r updating 2009 x'mas ahh & 2010's is already coming, haha
yeah d cupcakes r too pretty :D

btw, u hv 2 very different looking girls ehh...each pretty in its' own way :P

ryeli said...

jacss....:D ...better late than never mah. hehe! yes, these 2 look different although i find at times, some similiarities esp if i compare baby pics. :)

KittyCat said...

Christmas is the best for kids, isn't it? The boy has now got his birthday month and December memorized because of presents hahaha

Mmmm...those cupcakes really look good!

By the way, the Uncle Ivan and family sure are brave people - I'm afraid of heights and don't think I could stand visiting them, not even for the view :P