Saturday, September 18, 2010

On swimming

As much as I love playing with water all these while, I still have my fears and will only want to hang out in the baby pool. I will need my floats for comfort and rarely will lift my legs off the floor of the swimming pool. I will never put my face in the water and I will never want to sit on water slides!

Since June this year, papa has been taking us to our pool over the weekends for swimming. Initially, I will always play safe and hung out on my own in my own comfort and will not slide down the wall slide at our pool. But when I saw how comfortable my mei-mei was with the water and her floats, I started gaining confidence but I must always have my floats on.

I even dare to go down like this

And then I dare to lift my legs up after seeing how my mei-mei enjoy this

Lately, I do not need my floats at all while I'm in the baby pool unless I want to float in the water. This is a huge achievement for me.

Now I can go into the deep pool but I need to have my floats on and I will do one round of swimming, of course, with my head always above the water. :)

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