Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Making Spring Rolls

Remember my pizza making session? Since I had so much fun with it, papa gave me another opportunity at cooking again. Many months back, I helped papa made some mini spring rolls at home. So here's how we did it:-

Note: ingredients and other stuff were prepared by papa.

First, lay out a layer of spring roll/wan ton skin

Second, put some stuffing (in this case, it's minced pork mixed with some secret recipe of papa's) at one side

Thirdly, start folding from the sides

Fourth, fold again till you come to the end

Fifth, line the edges with egg stuff so the skin can be stucked to the body of the spring roll

Sixth, smile for the camera! :D and do everything again till you finish

Ta daaaa! The wan tons were rolled up by papa. Pssst, mummy said I rolled the spring rolls, better than she does.

After they have been fried!


When can we cook again papa?!!! Oh, we made some ice cream too some time back but sorry, no pics of that so no updates. Maybe the next time we make ice cream ya!


mommy to chumsy said...

aww..so much fun :) she's good at rolling the wantons :D

Shireen Loh said...

looks yummy. can invite this shameless aunty one day to your house annot? this aunty dying...DYING to eat your wanton and some *ahem* assam laksa too...gegege

ryeli said...

barb - she didn't do that, hubby did but i'm not surprised if she is also good at that. this girl seems to take after her papa (phew!)

shireen - can, come on over and u remember about the assam laksa eh?! :)

zmm said...

well done!
but why papa won't share secret ingredients?

A Mom's Diary said...

Wah can make ice-cream somemore. I also wanna come.