Saturday, June 05, 2010

Mummy's entry - Thumb sucking

It’s been a while that I posted on this topic and no, Rye Li has yet to kick the habit. I’ve given up the fact that I would try to stop it for her and just pray that she will not suck her thumb when she’s in her teens or worst, to adulthood. :)

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to post up the photos of her thumb sucking moments when we went to US for our holiday in 2007 as I found them hilarious but never got around to it. So why now? Well, there are still funny moments as well that I caught her sucking her thumb and I want to keep these for memories’ sake. I know she will kill me one day for posting these up but I will tell her then that these are memories worth keeping as she’s too cute sucking her thumb (still is and I know as she grows older, she won’t look cute anymore sucking her thumb!).

I’ll let you all see for yourselves on how cute she is….

The above were taken in the plane on our way there, she got this habit while sucking her left thumb, her right hand has to feel something. Initially, it started with her bolster's casing or her pillows at home and also the bedsheet. And then it went to her baby sling. From this trip, I got to know she can also hold on to anything that soothes her. The following pictures will explain this.

The above were taken in Las Vegas. On the way there in the car journey, since she had nothing to hold on to while sucking her thumb, she used the cloth of her pants. In the hotel room, she used the bed covers as well.

The above shows us that she was desperate enough to even hold on to our clothes.

LOL!...she also used the furniture's material

The above left picture was of her holding on to her aunt's leather bag - a sign that she may be into leathers later?!! :D The upper right was when we were lining up for our boat ride in San Francisco, she was holding on the stroller's material. And the lower right was really funny, we were at Targets (I think) to buy chocolates and all, and this girl got herself a bag of tootsie rolls just so she could have her 'fix'! She was really getting desperate with this one! LOL!

The above were taken in the restaurant (all 3 different ones). I would be able to understand if it was the table cloth but I could not understand why the papers as well?!!! Rye Li, Rye Li! You're too cute and full of surprises!

The above with papa and the one on the left is with her beloved sling. When I was pregnant with Haye Li, I've stopped using the sling on her and kept it away. Luckily, she never asked for it and when I brought it out again once Haye Li was out, she seems to have forgotten what it meant to her. Phew!

I've not seen her sucking her thumb that much with different 'materials' (not in KL anyway) and I was assuming due to all the changes from the holiday, she stucked to one thing that gives her the most comfort and that was her thumb!

All the above were taken when she was 1 year and 10 months old. Now, fast forward to over 2 and a half years later, she still sucks her thumb although she's back to her bolsters, pillow cases and bedsheets. And so this was what I thought...
Last November when we were up at Camerons, I found her doing this...

Halfway playing, she must have somehow felt the curtain's material and then her natural instincts came on board. I found too funny and had to take a picture.

And below is the latest one from last weekend. I was getting her ready for bed and made her lie down so I can put on her diapers (yes, still on diapers at nights!), she somehow felt the mattress cover (the mattress was laid against the wall) and she automatically did this.

My Rye Li, my Rye Li, what do I do with really entertain us at home! Funny la you! ;)


mom2ashleyaidan said...

my kids suck their thumbs too especially when they are tired. Don't worry la...they will eventually kick the habit. I stopped sucking my thumb at 7yo. I actually like to see my kids suck their thumbs :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Sherilyn still sucks her thumb at 5yo now! It's hard to kick this habit coz they find so much comfort in sucking their thumb... since they were inside our womb. The funny thing is when Sher is in public, she wouldn't suck her thumb. She only sucks at home coz she knows it is so shame shame to do it in public :D

jazzmint said...

hahaha...not bad woh, newspaper also jadi :P. My kids has definitely lost that sucking sensation but they do sometimes put their fingers into their mouth out of nothing :(

Mamapumpkin said...

Oh, so cute!!! She is gorgeous and what a lovely post on thumb-sucking! Dinah, shame-shame....

coffeesncookies said...

I think it's ok to suck thumb.. her thumbs are her source of comfort but what's more cute is she'll twiddle with any fabric she can get her hands on.
Eh.. Dinah. any pics of you sucking your thumb ?

jacss said...

hey, yes those cute moments shd be treasured :D
it's either suck thumb or suck pacifier & that way, u save $$ ma... and no need to sterilise, haha

mommy to chumsy said... cute huh? Ashley sucks her thumbs too but lately i've managed to reduce her thumb sucking activity :D she likes to do it when she's sleeping (with me beside her and she touching my hair with one hand). I told her that i'm not well and have germs so please turn the other side. That way..she won't get to touch my hair and hence, no sucking of the thumb...hahahahahahah

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

hahaha this is sooooooo cute!!! At least she has something to comfort her that doesn't require YOU! Mine needs MY thumb!!!! Die or not???

Mummy to QiQi said...

good thing is that she finds her own comfort, so its easier for you. but some said they will have big swollen thumb in future, any sign of it now?

ChloeRuoyi said...

Rye Li is a very pretty girl, even with a finger stuck in her mouth. Just dropping by to say hi :)

wen said...

my! she can really suck! haha!
she looks like u la..
a fren of mine said once a toddler sucks her thumb so much till its deformed.. try to get rye li to stop sucking..hehe
give her ur boobs perhaps? kidding..

zmm said...

If she didn't hurt her thumb then ok la..
Mine was chewing on her thumb until all bloody and still want to suck.. Luckily she was able to quit pretty quickly.

Thumb sucking is cute at this age..