Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My first concert

I had my first concert over the weekend and it went well. Mummy and papa said they were very proud of me although I wasn't smiling throughout the whole 5 mins dance. I'll let the following pictures speak for themselves.

my teacher putting on my 'tiara'

a picture with a couple of my classmates (no close up pic of my whole costume since we were rushing around that day)

At the beginning of the dance, going to my spot to dance

At my spot dancing (notice how tiny I am among my classmates)

halfway through the dance, we went to the front to do our thing!

the end of the dance and noticed how nearly everyone waved goodbye but me. i was scracthing my back, a habit of mine

Below is the video, please excuse the quality of it (and I hope you don't get a headache) as my mummy ain't a pro in video-graphy. :) ....Enjoy!

[* Mummy's note: In the last few weeks, Rye Li has been showing us the dance steps and we expected to see that from her. At the concert, we noticed she was at the background dancing while the steps she shown us were actually the girls in green who were dancing in the front. Later, after the concert, we asked her whether she practiced the dance steps during practice and she said no as she was supposed to do different steps. This girl actually learnt along the other's steps. Although her real fame was like 30 seconds of the whole slot of 5 minutes, when she came to the front, we are still very proud of our princess! Well done Rye Li!]


jazzmint said...

wah the costume very nice lehh :)

coffeesncookies said...

wow, the costumes very elaborate and not easy to sync the 5yr olds and get them to dance.
Hey, Rye Le shares same birthdate as me. I clearly remember.. on yr D-Day, I was at KLCC counting down to the fireworks, heavily pregnant.. 31-12-2005 ! :D

coffeesncookies said...

typo error.. Rye Li. ;)

huisia said...

the costume so nice and she's so pretty too.

KittyCat said...

She looks really pretty! And the dance looks really professional :D

mom2ashleyaidan said...

nice!!! and mommy partied all night the night before and was afraid she might not be able to wake up the next morning!

jacss said...

hi syn, wow...yr little girl so sweet looking :D
i can relate how excited a mom can be watching yr little one performing on stage...independently!
i was once nearly moved to tears, haha how abt u??

ryeli said...

thanks all for the nice wishes. the costumes were bought, thai ones but very nice indeed.

elaine - next time can celebrate with you! hehe...must also ask you what hubby and i have been joking about, that is when will she stop celebrating with us since her bday so special where the whole world also celebrates. :D

dinah - it was tough to wake up ok! had to force myself since i have to get the girl ready. :)

jac - i was very excited but didn't cry coz i was eager to take the video and had to make sure i did it right. but i was very very proud!

A Mom's Diary said...

She's right, the costume is sexy wor :-)Did you have to pay for it?

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you Ryeli! You are so cute!

Ah Mai

zmm said...

Nice.. so glittery the costume and all..

All her age?