Saturday, December 01, 2007

My new found hobby

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My Grandpa gave me a gift several weeks back and this is what I have been doing every night before I fall asleep.....

Yes, it is an iPod nano and it's all mine! Grandpa refused to give it to mummy when she asked for one....he said he will only give it to me and he did. :D
So this thing has been accompanying me wherever I go so that I can be kept entertained. I don't listen to the earphones as I find it a hassle to keep that thing in my ears so I just watch it silently and papa has downloaded so many of my cartoons already just for me. He is now looking for a baby earphone for me (if there is one out there).

1 comment:

Twin said...

wah own ipod nano!! lucky girl .. :)
mommy dun get any .. nvm la borrow fr rye-li :)