Friday, November 30, 2007

My class buddy

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I have a buddy in my music class whom I got to know several months back and came to like as well. Her name is Christie. We grew fond of each other and we both look forward to seeing each other in class each week.

As shy as she may seems, she only comes and play with me, not to the other children in class. Christie will be going back to Singapore real soon and last week would be the last time for her to attend my class. I am going to miss her for sure as I always ask Mummy where's Christie when I'm in class. She is also the only Singaporean friend I know so far so looks like I got a friend to meet up when I do go there next time.

Take care Christie...please ask your Mummy to keep in touch with us or better still, start a blog as well so that we know what's happening at your end! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ryeli, Christie will miss you too. Do take care and would love to meet up with you and your Mommy when you come to Singapore :) Christie's Mama