Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mummy’s entry – Rye Li’s room and other updates

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It’s been one a half weeks since we all moved into her room and we didn’t have any major issues with her. It’s probably due to the fact that both of us are there with her, I sleep with her on her mattress while hubby sleeps on another mattress next to her.

There was one night though (about the 4th night) she asked to sleep in my room and on my bed but I brushed the idea away and she didn’t resist. There was also one morning when she got up and realized that I wasn’t next to her, she cried out for me. The few times I used hubby’s bolster under my blanket did the trick but she got smarter and came close to it and realized I wasn’t there and cried.

A few nights ago, I wasn’t feeling well and slept in my own room while hubby was with the girl. About 5 in the morning, hubby woke me up to say that the girl has been asking for me in the last 15 minutes. She didn’t cry but has been whining and refused milk when hubby offered her. Thinking that she would eventually fall asleep, hubby just let her be. But after a while, she didn’t fall asleep and hubby decided to get me to come over. The moment she saw me, she asked for milk and after she had her milk, she slept. I thought she would be crying for me but she didn’t.

Soon, I will put her to the test again. That is, when hubby is not traveling, he will be with her while I will be in my own room. I’m trying to let her get used to hubby attending to her in the nights rather than just me. Also, I slept like a baby when I was in my own bed! Hehe…I do so miss my bed!

On other updates, I’ve been too busy with work (have been working late nights at home) to even update on the remaining parts of our US trip and other stuff on the girl.

Just want to update on her behaviour and speech lately.

She is getting really persistence these days without taking “no” for answer. When she wants us to read to her she will go:

Rye Li: Papa, read storybook
Papa : *no answer*
Rye Li: Papa, READ storybook
Papa : *no answer*
Rye Li: Papa, READ storybook please
Papa : Wait first, papa doing something
Rye Li: Papa, READ storybook PLEASE
Papa : *no answer*

She will keep on doing this till we give in (or smack her for being rude….just kidding!)

She’s also getting smarter in using words like “and”, “also”, “just now” and “first”

I go Disneyland and I see Mickey Mouse and I see Donald Duck

I also got no money. Mummy also got no money” (when she heard that Aunty Ng, her caretaker mentioned that she has no money to the other kids)

Just now, Papa take you (me) go Aunty Ng’s

When I asked her to eat her rice, she will say…”I want drink water first

And the best liner that shocked me last night…”I don’t like mummy, I like papa”. I just ignored her when she said that. She must have picked this up from the kids at the daycare.

We’re off to Pangkor Island today and we’re taking the bus. It was supposed to be a family trip with my family but since our London’s family friends are all down, it will be a big group trip. There will be thirty over of us including kids. And this will be Rye Li’s first time on the bus. Will update on this when I’ve the time (I still got 3 more backdated posts from our US trip…hehe). Adios!


wHOisBaBy said...

have fun at pangkor!

KittyCat said...

Hey there! I finally got through...

Ryeli's so cute! Hope you get some videos of her speaking - I wanted to do it when my little sis was small but technology was too expensive then.

KittyCat said...

You have been given a *nice* award!