Saturday, December 29, 2007

And so this is Christmas

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It was an eventful weekend towards Christmas. First, it was a celebration with our London family friends on Saturday night. Pictures as follows:-

my London boyfriend, Emre, enjoying his chunk of lamb. he is 3 weeks older than me.

this is Emre's mummy, Aunty Mills, I'm not as friendly as Emre and didn't want her to carry me

with Uncle Peter, one of the gang from London as well

took me awhile to blend in and when I did, I was all over with the kids running here and there and I was all drenched in sweat

My cousin's Jo Tien's birthday that day and we all celebrated with him as well that night

Then it was dinner with our Australian relatives on Sunday night...

And on Christmas eve, we were at Mummy's Grandma's house....

The first thing I did, to sit on the chair, refusing to be brought anywhere else in the house as I was scared of the dog. Mummy had to coax me a good 10 minutes to get out of the car.

this is the first time we have this at the house, done by my Nana (Mummy's Aunty Na with Natalie's help, mummy's little cousin)

as usual, the Christmas tree with his overloading pressies

with the kids in front of the Christmas tree

the next day at Mummy's Grandma's on the swing

We went back to Mummy's Grandma's house on Christmas day to open my Christmast presents and then later we went to my Kai Yeh's (godfather) parent's house, my Kong-Kong and Por-Por Hwang for the rest of the day...we met Aunty Pei See, Uncle Ronnie, Uncle Adrian, Aunty Siew Wye and Shawn there.

Shawn got me a Christmas present which was a range of masak-masak set (malay: cooking) and I really enjoyed playing with it.

I even started making tea and stuff to offer to everyone....

But the real tea or in this case coffee was better with the home-made egg tarts done by Aunty Siew Wye....

a family christmassy picture

Shawn and I were monkeying around....

After all that playing and monkeying around, we were both so tired...just nice in ending the night. And so this is my Christmas for this year. Hope you had a good one as well!

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KittyCat said...

Ryeli, I'm heartbroken! I'm only gone a month and you've got yourself a British bloke and a thumb-sucking partner :P

Glad to see you had a nice Christmas - I did not have a Christmas tree or present on Christmas day, no thanks to Mummy and Papa. Can you please tell them how to do things right??