Friday, December 21, 2007

Mummy's entry - This morning

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This morning, hubby had to leave earlier than us for work and I would be the one sending Rye Li off to the daycare later. She knew that it was me that will be sending her and that hubby had to leave early.

I was in the toilet when hubby left the house. The girl was wandering around on her own. I was talking to her from the toilet and after several minutes not getting any response from her, I came out to check on her and noticed such a sad face with tears welling up in her eyes. I quickly took her to me, gave her a hug and asked why is she so sad? Had to continue soothing her while explaining to her that her papa has to go to work early as he was late and that she will see him after work later in the evening. After all that talk, I thought she was alright as she walked out of the room. I followed her into our living room and she just laid down on her mattress and started sucking her thumb. I went on to get ready for work and let her be. She didn't make any noise and just laid there the whole time. This went on for a good 15 minutes till it was time for us to leave the house.

This is very unusual as she is usually very noisy and cannot sit still on her own in the house. She will always call out for me or use her favourite phrase "What are you doing?" or will come to find me.

She is getting really sensitive these days and I realized now that I need to start treating her like an adult. We need to explain to her why things are the way they are over and over again. And she's only 2 years old!

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