Monday, December 03, 2007

Mummy's entry - Been tagged - 7 things you don't know about me

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It's been a while since I did any tags and I have missed out on a few (sorry ya to those that have tagged me before, I just didn't find the time to do them). Not that I have a whole lot of time doing this one but so happened I was reading ZMM's site and saw that she tagged me. And since it was an easy one to do, I thought why not.

Actually, I'm still thinking whether I want to do this or not since I found out that quite a number of my friends and ex-colleagues do read this blog and I so Thank my lucky stars that I've not said more than what I could here... :D...anyway, there's nothing to be embarassed about since I did start this blog for the girl, not just me. I hope that she will take over this blog one day so that I can concentrate on my own blog! ;)

Ok, 7 things you don't know about me (maybe some of you already do but I know not my blogger friends know for sure!)

1) I used to have a navel ring and then changed it to a stud. I got this as my graduation present to myself (I know, what a silly gift but at that time I just wanted it!) when I graduated in Melbourne many moons back. And no, I didn't remove it because I got pregnant. In fact, I removed it before I got pregnant as it has always irritated my skin as I have sensitive skin and I was stupid enough to bear with the discomfort for over 6 years or so (vain pot mah!). I still have the scar on my belly button.

2) I have a tattoo - this was influenced by hubby (again stupid enough to listen to him). He designed it. It's a Manta Ray and the body of it reads my name "Syn" in chinese (it means heart in chinese). I wanted this on my lower back but since I can't really stand pain, I opted for it to be at the back of my left shoulder. And boy was it damn painful! I had to stop in between as I was about to pass out from the pain. Between body piercing (navel) and tattoo-ing, I prefer the navel piercing. If you ask me to do either one again, I will tell you to go fly kite. Hubby is doing another one (which I will complaint one day in my own blog). Anyway, don't ask me how I went through labour pains without pain management...I also don't know or chose not to remember! ;)

3) Hubby proposed to me at Angkor Wat. day at my own blog. Too long to type it out here. But I still want to go back there since we missed the sun set that day - I was too busy asking him questions! Will do this trip when our kids are bigger and know how to enjoy such trips.

4) I wet my bed till I was 7-8 years old and I sure pray that Rye Li do not follow my footsteps. My father to this day will tell you how many times he has changed me in the middle of night when he comes back from his drinking/socialising night outs. He says this so proudly and the way he tells people how many times he has seen my "hoo-hah"....geez!

5) I can make a loud sound by pressing my tongue hard against my upper pallet and releasing it. It sounds like a loud "cluck". I'm the only one in my family that can do this and it has become my call to my family when I'm in public. When they hear this sound, they will know I'm around. I have also trained hubby, my niece and nephew as well as Rye Li to know it's me when I make this sound. How I got seems that my paternal grandmother loves to do this to me when I was a baby and I responded to her and I think in time, with practice, the sounds just grew louder. I believe that this should be the reason! :D

6) Hubby and I was in Koh Samui for a holiday during the Millenium and we didn't book any hotels. This was my first time there but hubby has been there many times. The trip was out of the blue thingy and we decided to risk it, thinking that if we can't find a place to stay, we would sleep on the beach! We went there by land through penang to hadyai and then to surathani to take the ferry across. We arrived on the island around 6pm and luckily, the guy that took us helped us to find a place to stay. We went to so many places and they were all booked. Finally after more than an hour or so, we managed to find one...slightly expensive but we got a room for 2 nights before moving on to a cheaper one. Phew! Again, this was what hubby and I did before we got married....very adventurous, doing things at the spur of the moment. We have been to Koh Samui again several more times after that and we always rented a motorbike (the cheapest) and hubby would ride it although he doesn't have a valid license. I would love to go there again with my kids but when the time comes, we're flying and also we will be renting a proper car. No more crazy stuff already. :D

7) Similar to ZMM (although I think she's a better mom than I am), I am also very impatient and hubby would love to agree to this. I get irritated very fast especially when I'm already in a foul mood. I've learnt to remain silent when I'm moody as I wouldn't want to regret saying things I shouldn't. Hubby is aware about this but men being men, he will forget about this and insist in pushing the situation and he will get a whole lot more out of me. He's been "hit" so many times before especially when I was pregnant. hehe...and then when Rye Li came along and had her tantrums, he got "hit" even more as he likes asking me stupid questions like "why is she crying?" or "why is she like that?".....geez, if I know all the answers to why a baby cries, she wouldn't be crying isn't it. Now, I will just tell him to stop asking me stupid questions. But of course, when I know I'm in the wrong, I will just keep my mouth shut and suffer in silence. I also feel I'm a lousy mom to Rye Li as she has become me already....she reminds me so much of me when she gets impatient these days! And it is hubby's time to give me THE look when she behaves like me. Yikes!

Since I'm so lousy at doing Tags, I don't think I wanna pass this on. Actually, I don't have that many blogger friends la and the ones I know probably have done this already. :D to whoever that wants to do this, you can have the honours. Just let me know when you do. ;)


Zara's Mama said...

Walau.. you terror ler.. got naval ring and then tatoo..

Hee hee.. I wanted them too, but too old when I started wanting them, so never mind la, no need to have any.

Shireen Loh said...

wow!!! So keang...naval ring and tattoo...sked...hehhe...:-)

Twin said...

wah u r so brave ... go for tattoo and navel ring. i'll be to chicken to do that ... LOL.