Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mummy's entry - Bloggers Meet

This is the first time ever we attended a blogger’s meet where there were 6 mummies and 11 kids in total. The purpose was to meet up Vien who is back here from the states with her 2 girls. Thanks to Annie, she helped arranged the meet up.

It is my first time meeting
Annie, Barbara and Sasha and my second time meeting Vien. The other mum is Twin and I know her personally as her kids go to the same day-care as mine. I only knew that she was a blogger when Rye Li was like nearly a year old and that also I came across her kids’ names on the blogs I frequently read.

Anyhow, these are the happening mamas on blogosphere and I have been following them for quite some time and hence, it was an honour to finally meet up with them and their adorable, infamous kids (yes, our kids are more famous than their mamas).

We met up last weekend and as much as I would have loved to chat more with them, it was nearly impossible as we had to attend to our kids too. So whatever little time we had, we quickly ate and chatted whatever we could in that 2-3 hours meet. All of us agreed for sure that the next time we meet, we will leave the kids behind! Lol!

Here are some of the impossible pictures that I took. It is so tough to take nice pictures of the kids and sadly, I missed out on some of the infamous kids too.

Rye Li (tiara was borrowed from Denisha) with Ashley, Denisha and Darien

this cute boy is Cruz (a pity I didn't manage to take his twin brother, Fearles)

this is Cassie and at the back is her sister, Belle

These are the group shots we managed to take from Annie's camera (minus the 2 babies which is Haye Li and Justin - they were asleep then). You can see their pictures at Haye Li's blog which I managed to take just before they had their nap.


Annie Q said...

Hey Syn Nee, nice to meet up with you and your two beautiful girls...

mommy to chumsy said...

Hi Syn Nee. It was nice to meet up with you and your pretty girls that day :)'s really hard to chat as we have to keep a lookout on the kids. Hope to meet up with all of you again.

KittyCat said...

Looks really fun and an amazingly neat table with so many kids LOL

Happy Chinese New Year, Syn! We are in Penang this yearlah and I need to host my in-laws...pressure, pressure