Thursday, February 25, 2010

More on my conversations

Some conversations I had with mummy (and also my mei-mei)......

a) Scene 1 ....when I was drinking milk during bedtime

Rye Li: Nah mummy, I (have) finished my milk. *passed half finished bottle to mummy*

Mummy: No, there's still milk in the bottle

Rye Li: That's not milk, it's all bones from the milk

Mummy: Very funny, finish your milk now!

Rye Li: *Giggling*

b) Scene 2 ...when I was really grumpy having to wake up so early on a Monday morning for school

Rye Li: Why papa can sleep and I have to wake up

Mummy: Papa can work from home so he doesn't need to wake up early like you. Your school starts early

Rye Li: Why mei-mei also can sleep, (and) I cannot sleep?

Mummy: She will wake up soon when we leave for Aunty Ng's

Rye Li: Mummy, when you (were) 4 years old that time, you also have to wake up early for school ah?

Mummy: Yes

Rye Li: You cry also?
Mummy: Yes, like you la so grumpy in the mornings and grandma has to scold me.


c) Scene 3...when mummy was angry at me and I noticed she was smiling at mei-mei and not at me

Rye Li: Why you love mei-mei (and) you don't love me?

Mummy: Did I say that?

Rye Li: *Nodded her head*

Mummy: When? When did I say that?

Rye Li: Why you smile(d) at her (and) you don't (didn't) smile at me?

Mummy: How to smile at you when I'm angry at you? I'm angry at you because you were naughty, you didn't listen to mummy. Rye Li, I will always love you whether you're naughty or not. When mummy doesn't smile or talk to you does not mean mummy do not love you. Mummy will always love you. You understand?

Rye Li: *Nodded her head*


d) Scene 4...when mei-mei was showing her temper at me

Rye Li: You see, you didn't sleep properly, now you grumpy-grumpy

Haye Li: *whining and kicking*

Rye Li: Cher-cher ask you to sleep, you don't want to listen, now you grumpy-grumpy

Haye Li: *still whining and kicking*


A Mom's Diary said...

Scene #3 sounds sooooooo familiar. I get that too whenever I give her the cold shoulders while being all nice and loving to mei-mei :-)

Everyday Healy said...

My girl will always cry for daddy too when she doesn't feel like waking up so early in the morning for school. Obviously, it's another way to escape from getting up. :)

Pity aye? It's really kind of too early for a 4 year old. :(

Health Freak Mommy said...

Scene 3 sounds familiar here too hahahahah! Alycia loved to say this when she was about Rye Li's age. But as she grows older, she's now more matured in her thoughts.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

hehe so cute lah. They pick up on our words so (too) quickly!