Friday, February 05, 2010

Conversation of the day!

Rye Li: You beat me, I beat you back

Mummy: You cannot beat people!

Rye Li: Why you can beat me?

Mummy: I am your mummy; I can beat you when you’re naughty. I beat you because you’re naughty. Next time when you are much older and when you become a mummy, you can beat your children when they are naughty.

Rye Li: I want to have so many children!

Mummy: *Laughing* Yea, we shall see about that!

Rye Li: I don’t want a husband; I only want to be a mummy.

Mummy: Cannot! You must have a husband to be a mummy. You cannot be a mummy alone by yourself.

Rye Li: No way! Choi!

[I sound so much like mummy these days!]


Annie Q said...

muahahahhahaha, she is so cute and she know what is "a husband".

How she know the word "choi"? cute

Sasha said...

hahha choi samo!