Monday, February 22, 2010

Learning how to read

I've been learning phonics at Aunty Ng's and now that I have started school, it comes in real handy. This is what I was being taught at school and I had to bring it home as homework for reading.

[Mummy's note: it has not been easy doing her school's reading at home as it definitely takes a whole lot of patience. we have a tougher time with her bahasa when we need to do her sukukata. i don't remember learning how to read in kindergarten my time other than abc's. i only remember learning how to do the sukukata when i was in standard one. so i do feel sorry when she has a tougher time with her sukukata compared to her english phonics as it is confusing to learn both reading at the same time. when i get impatient with her, i had to remind myself that she's only 4 years old]


A Mom's Diary said...

Wow! I'm totally impressed. She's only been in kindy for 2 months. Yiu Yiu has been learning phonics since last year but I've never heard her read.

KittyCat said...

Rye Li reads so well eh! Lucas' BM is practically zero and his accent is really Mat Salleh i.e. "row-sak" LOL

Lucas loves phonics too but he tends to sing rather than read!

I have to listen to 'A' says eh,eh,eh; 'B' says buh, buh, buh...

Since he started reading from young, he's more into reading by sight e.g. he recognizes 'go', 'stop' etc rather than phonics.

Now that he's starting Chinese, I'm impressed at the no. of words he's picked up!

His vocab has grown so much and he can even recognize Chinese characters like 'big', 'small' etc on the the road.

His Chinese teacher praises him and said, "I told you so!" to me LOL

I am really thankful to the daycare because I have my hands full with the girl I have not been giving much time to the boy.

Now he's teaching me Chinese because I keep saying,"Mummy doesn't know how to read Chinese" so he said,"I teach you Chinese,OK?" LOL