Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mummy's entry - Was it love at first sight?

No, I’m not referring to the hubby. LOL. I’m referring to the very first time you set your eyes on your newborn baby. Was it love at first sight for you?

I’m going to admit that it wasn’t for me for Rye Li’s case when I delivered her. It wasn’t hate either. It was just very neutral. That’s it.

I guess when you watch TV, you tend to see cute little babies all the time and also you do tend to see those cute newborns online when you go to baby’s sites, etc. So I guess I had that impression that my newborn will be all that cute too which she wasn’t at all. LOL

Anyway, although I didn’t have that love at first sight feeling for her, I did have the mother instincts in me and therefore, my first priority when she was out was to breastfed her and lucky for me, the hospital I delivered at also believed in this. When she was taken away from me after the first attempt of breastfeeding which I was surprised as to how she latched on naturally immediately, I didn’t see her till like 6-7 hours later. When they brought her to me later, I only knew that I wanted to attempt again at breastfeeding but wasn’t really successful because this girl chose to sleep than suckle. So the next 2 days at the hospital saw me trying again and again for this.

So when did my love for her started? I can say in the days to come after she came out. Before this motherly love came along, it was just motherly duties for me.

But when the motherly love came along, it was unconditional love for sure till today of course! ;) …Now that Baby H is just around the corner, I wonder whether will I get that immediate motherly love or will it be the same with Rye Li’s case too.

I’m going to turn this into a tag (the first for me and will probably be my last) as I would like to hear from my blogger mummies friends out there whether they experienced the same as I did or something totally different. I will tag to those (very limited) that I know only and they are:-

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Mummy to QiQi said...

on my 2nd delivery, i did not even wanna see or touch my boys when they are out. so bad me, unlike when i first had qiqi. will talk about it soon, thanks for turning it into a tag!

kam said...


I got the tag from Kai-Jin's mummy. Please see my reply at: