Saturday, October 25, 2008

My mei-mei is here!

My mei-mei came out already! Here's some pictures of her and I together...if you want to see more of her pics, you can go to her site at


Kai-Jin said...

hey Rye Li jie jie, you look like a good jie jie! your mama must be proud of you!

KittyCat said...

Good girl, Rye Li! Nice to have a baby sister, right? Must help Mummy to take care of her ok?

Has your Mei-mei given you her present yet ;-) ;-) ?

Liv said...

Woaw Ryeli! You are so lucky to have a little sister! You two look amazing. I am going to tell my mama I want one too!
How is your mama doing? Give them both a big kiss from us...and to your papa too of course. He must be overwhelmed with so many women in his life now ;-)