Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some updates

Just to update on some of my conversations with Mummy lately…she claims I talk too much and like to ask questions over and over again at the wrong time. But I feel she asks me more questions and also that I have learnt to talk from her!

I was singing a tune one day and mummy went…
Mummy: What song are you singing?
Rye Li: I don’t know…..I think (it) is my music class song

I like to make up songs with familiar tunes I know, something I picked up from mummy.

One night, when it was time for bed and after mummy read me my story…

Mummy: Why papa didn’t switch off the lights ah?
Rye Li: You also didn’t switch off the lights!

I can get defensive at times.


Rye Li: Mummy, my finger pain
Mummy: How come? What did you do?
Rye Li: I didn’t do anything also
Mummy: Then why your finger pain?
Rye Li: I don’t know

Since papa sleeps on the mattress these days while I sleep with Mummy on their bed, papa’s mattress would be laid up against the wall daytime and will be put down on the floor nighttime. One night….

Rye Li: Mummy, I put papa’s mattress down okay?
Mummy: No girl, wait for papa first. The mattress is heavy, afterwards it will fall on you.
Rye Li: *went ahead anyway to put the mattress down, and mattress hit me a little and I looked at Mummy for a response*
Mummy: *just gave me the stare* (she likes to do this a lot lately which I tend to ignore)
Rye Li: *went to papa who was showering at that time* Papa, I put your mattress down on the floor for you
Papa: Thank you baby!
Rye Li: *went to mummy* My papa didn’t scold me also

Rye Li: Mummy, after we finish dinner, we go shopping?
Mummy: No girl, we’re going home, mummy cannot walk
Rye Li: Papa can walk, why you cannot walk?
Mummy: *quiet* (probably dumbfounded)
Rye Li: *with sarcasm tone* Papa can walk, Rye Li can walk, Kakak can walk also
Papa: *laughing*
Mummy: I cannot walk because I’m tired!
Rye Li: Oh

Rye Li: Mummy, I’m hungry. I want to eat Chickadees
Mummy: That is not proper food for breakfast, it’s junk food
Rye Li: I like junk food
Mummy: No, you need to eat proper food for breakfast. How to grow big and strong?
Rye Li: I want to eat bread only. After I (have) finish (ed) my bread, can I eat Chickadees?
Mummy: No, we only eat junk food when we go for holidays!

When I’m in the mood, I can tell my own stories and it will go something along like this

Rye Li: Once upon a time, there is a …….and then, he …… and then…..and then…….

After several “and thens”, I will go “the end, finish!


Other stuff I like to say….

Rye Li: Thank you soooo much!

Rye Li: I need to sleep ady (already), it’s so late at night

Rye Li: Why you always go toilet one? [mummy goes wee-wee all the time now!]

Rye Li: Why you all like to talk, talk, talk one ah?

Rye Li: My papa is a boy. He hold his kuku bird like this (indicating the action while standing) and wee wee

Rye Li: Don’t fight with me okay?!


Mummy has been getting a lot of stuff ready for my mei-mei's arrival lately and one of them was my old baby bassinet. When she took it out, I kept playing with below.

see how i've grown, still can sit but my legs and head are longer!

even after the cover was taken out to wash, i still played with it!

this is me on it the first time, on our way home from the hospital. mummy wonders whether my mei-mei will also look like this, probably bigger than i was

a picture of me swimming at my kai yeh's 2 weeks back, most likely will go back ther next weekend if mei-mei is not out yet


little prince's mummy said...

The photo in carseat, so cute!~

Vien said...

LOL! I so love the, "Once upon a time...the end!" part too! I really think both Rye Li and Belle can get along well. Can't wait to meet you girls when we're back in KL.

KittyCat said...

Hahaha the mattress story really made me laugh! She's one smart girl alright...

Hmm...quite creative of you to think "We only eat junk food on holidays!" hahaha