Sunday, September 21, 2008

Over the long weekend end August & photo updates

Over the long weekend, I had a birthday party to attend to. It was one of my day care mates, Denisha's birthday party at Aunty Ng's and I went dressed up like a little fairy. This little outfit is the very same one that I wore when I was one year old at my birthday party, minus the tiara and wand that is (I'm still small and cute!).

on my 1st birthday
during the treasure hunt
waiting for our lunch
singing to the birthday girl

The next day, Mummy and Papa took me to watch Wall.e for my first time at the cinema. I was really excited about it as Mummy has told me this some time back but I didn't expect it to be so dark in there even after Mummy warned me about it. We went in like 15 minutes before the movie started and I was happily eating the popcorn away but I did whine about wanting to go home as it was dark in there. And when the advertisement started and it was really loud, I told Mummy and Papa that I wanted to go home. So mummy asked me if I want chocolates and I said yes so papa took me downstairs to the counter to get some. Apparently, I missed a preview and some good disney advertisement plus the intro to Pixar which I know so much from the Disney DVDs I watched at home.

We were several minutes late to the movie when we got back into the cinema. I was alright watching the show as I was happily eating my chocolates away while sitting on Papa. I did ask some questions now and then. About half hour before the show ended, I was getting whiney again and asked Mummy why she doesn't want to go home. She said we're going shopping after the movie which did the trick and I asked for milk. I hardly touched my milk and gave it back to Mummy and turned around over Papa's shoulder and fell asleep. Papa and Mummy were just happy that they got to watch the whole show, they thought that they had to leave before the show started!

the only pic mummy got of me in the cinema before the show started as papa told mummy off - she can't help it, she got influenced by other blogger mummies!

Below are pictures from our Cameron Highland trips early August, the one which Mummy posted that ended in a disaster holiday. At least I had my fun!

Below are some random photos we took in the past few months:-

waiting at the checkout area of Ikea - my new drawers and shelves for my room

yes i still suck my thumb! and i love wearing my mickey mouse cap when i'm watching mickey mouse clubhouse but this has not been the case lately

my new friend, baby Kai Jin when he was just born end of June 2008

ms. vainpot - i now love sunglasses, something i didn't like before

my drawing!

i love my fries and tomato sauce so much that i can sleep while eating them! yes, at times i sleep with my eyes slightly opened.


Vien said...

Is that a diaper on her head?! LOL!!! I almost fell of the chair laughing at the last pic..

ryeli said...

vien- yes it is, she likes doing funny things now and will ask me to take pictures of her! real ms. vainpot!

Mummy to QiQi said...

such a nice weekend!! hey, my qiqi has got similar skirt too :p


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Wonderful Life said...

She's so pretty in the outfit!

Your girl is so adorable...

KittyCat said...

Wow...she's grown so much! She's such an adorable fairy :)

Love the long hair she's got now. Sigh, I really want a baby girl esp after shopping for clips and bands LOL

I wish Lucas likes chips or nuggets too :P Then, we can eat out.

ryeli said...

mummy to qiqi - guess most girls wld have it, hard to resist not to get one! ;)

wonderful life - thanks for dropping by and thanks for the compliment.

kittycat - i'm surprise ur boy don't like fried stuff? but isn't that good and healthy?! ;) hehe. and yes, it's nice to have girls but u do tend to spend alot more having girls! ;)

HN said...

I just can't help laughing at the last pic .. She's toooo cute!!!

ryeli said...

hn - thanks for dropping by too and yes she is cute but darn cheeky too.

Sasha said...

u can finish the whole show! that's very good edi! and she's such a cutie!

U.Lee said...

Hi Ryeli, nice sure have cute, lovely beauty runs in the family, ha ha.

Was looking at your Cameron Highlands posting before this current one had CH in it, re a story of a lady and daughter.
I was last at Cameron's wayyyy back in the 80's.
Yes, that long ago, ha ha.

You keep well and glad to have you drop by.
Have a nice day, Lee.

jiu jiu said...

Ryeli's drawings are so cute!! I think I can make them into tees already.

ryeli said...

sasha - yea i know, and i was so thankful for having to finish the movie. hope next one (if ever) is just as successful!

uncle lee - thanks for dropping by too. wah, so long ago eh?! think u will see loads of development already and here's a tip, never ever go during school & public holidays. u will be shocked with the traffic! it takes like 2 hours jst to get to kg raja from tanah rata.

jiu jiu - ok set, u can have the royalty to her drawings, i jst was a slight commission! ;) ...i'll ask her to draw more!

zara's mama said...

She can still wear her 1 year old clothes? Amazing!

Love her drawing. Like little fat worms with eyes.

The last picture aiyo.. she won't like to see this when she's older.

ryeli said...

zmm - some of her clothes are under 2 years old baju. yea, she wld probably 'kill' me for posting alot of stuff on her which i shldn't for sure. ;)