Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mummy's entry - on the girl's speech

Rye Li speaks really well for her age and I keep forgetting to pen those funny moments down. She has said many things to amuse us all this while but the following are the only ones I can remember (with my lousy memory now).

On the way sending her to the day care, we stopped at the traffic lights next to some commercial building.

Rye Li: Mummy, why those people walking there?
Mummy: They are walking to their office
Rye Li: I also want to go to office
Mummy: Can, when you go to school first and then when you finish school, you can go to work.
Rye Li: I don’t want to work, I want to go office only

(Laughing at this as I’m not sure whether she realized the difference between work and office)

Mummy: Then you go office for what?! To work isn’t it?!
Rye Li: *quiet*


The night before, her papa must have told her that he was going to get her a bicycle when she turns 3. First thing she said to me when she woke up the next day:

Rye Li: Mummy, my papa said when I (turn) three years old that time, my papa (will) buy me (a) bicycle. My papa also buy bicycle and take me to the park and cycle. Mummy and Kakak walk-walk at the park.


She loves saying “My mummy / papa said I can” when we tell her no for certain things. At times she has her point and we will give in.


She is easy to reason with when she is in a good mood, which amazes us for her level of maturity. She understands our reasoning and will buy it even after she said no initially. Some examples are as follows:

In the past few months, I have been preparing her for Baby H’s arrival and told her how she has to pass on her things she can’t use or wear to her mei-mei (chinese:little sister). Initially, she said “I don’t want”.

Then I told her that her cousins also pass on some clothing to her as they cannot wear them already and she knows this even before I got pregnant. I further explained that when she can’t wears them, I have to pass on to Baby H or I will have to buy new ones for Baby H.

Also, we had a small fish for her lantern last year for the mooncake festival and decided to buy her a bigger one this year. So I told her that the little fish will go to Baby H and she was reluctant initially. I had to explain to her that since she is bigger, I will get her a bigger lantern and the smaller one can go to Baby H next year when she’s out.

So she will say “Mummy buy me new Minnie Mouse lantern, I give my fish lantern to mei-mei

Lately, when she can’t wear her clothes or shoes anymore and I will keep them away, she will say “I cannot wear ady (already) ,I give my baju (malay: clothes) to mei-mei

She loves reasoning with us. When she can't get her way she will say
"See only, I only want to see"
or when she wants to watch tv longer, she will say
"I watch tv first for a while only"
or when it is time to get out from the shower or bath, she will say
"A little while more only"
or when she wants more sweets or chocs, she will say
"One only mummy, one only!" and at times she will test her luck like "five only!"


papa said...

hmm,to add on, what amaze me is she can say this to choc and ice cream - I caugh caugh, cannot eat ice cream and choclate...papa...

Vien said...

LOL! Sometimes really mou hui dey fu! Has she ever asked you guys to keep quiet and let her talk? Belle did..sigh...

ryeli said...

papa - even if she said that she still wants her chocs anyway! lol!

vien - oh yes, she does. coz this is what we do to her too...they pick these up from us! haha...she can also correct us like how we correct her. which is why when she proves her point, we will give in. i cannot imagine when she gets older and smarter! ;)

KittyCat said...

Hahaha...that "office" answer is a really good one! I think she's really good for being willing to pass on her lantern etc.

My 5 year old niece still refuses to let go of some of her toys for Lucas hahaha My sister is still trying...

I should post some more toddlertalk instead of the current depressing ones. At least can laugh a bit! How are you doing?

ryeli said...

kitty cat - yes u should in case u ever forget them. they really entertain us don't they...will surely miss these when they grow up and out of our nest! ;)

i'm doing good, getting big and tired but i'm alright. just anticipating the big day and after that!