Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mummy's entry - Rye Li's speech Part 2

I just have to do a Part 2 of Rye Li’s speech as we had a funny moment last night on our back from the day care. I had a buka puasa (malay: breaking fast) dinner with my clients and lucky for me, Aunty Ng was alright in taking care of the girl and the maid till late. I reached there about 10pm and the girl asked:-

Rye Li: Mummy, where you go?
Mummy: You tell me where I went?
Rye Li: Mummy go (went) for dinner [she knows this as I told her the day before and that morning itself]

Just after we left the day care, she went:

Rye Li: Aunty Ng all alone in the house.
Mummy: Yes, Aunty Ng all alone in the house, so brave of Aunty Ng ya?
Rye Li: All my friends go (went) home ady (already) except for me.
Mummy: Yes, all your friends went home already except for you because Mummy had to go for dinner.

The following was the funny moment we had….

A little while later in the car, I told her that her papa was on the way back from the airport then from China. And that he will be flying to India next week for work. She immediately said:

Rye Li: My papa like superman like that ya Mummy?
Mummy: *Laughing* No, Rye Li, papa cannot fly like superman. He sits in the aeroplane and the aeroplane will fly to India.

This morning, I told her that it is her Kai Yeh’s (Cantonese: godfather) birthday today but we cannot call him as he is in Italy for a holiday. And I continued that he flew there and she went:

Rye Li: Kai Yeh like my papa like that like superman.

And she smiled and I corrected her again.

This is usually how our conversation goes. Just when we think she doesn’t understand, she answers us with amazing comebacks. Makes you wonder what kids are made of these days!

Another one of her ‘dirty habits’ is that she likes saying “I don’t friend you” and she has been saying this for the longest time already. So when she gets upsets with me, she will say this to me and crossed her arm with a sulky face like Pocoyo (the cartoon showing on Playhouse Disney. And my reply will be “Don’t friend, don’t friend-la” (I know, not a very nice thing to say as a mom!).

And she will go “I friend, I friend Mummy!” with a smile and come hugging me. So this has also been going on for a while; a mother-daughter’s ‘tug of war’. I recently told my sister about this and my sister warned me that I will be kept away at an old folk’s home when I get old one day! :D


Vien said...

Hahaha...too much superman cartoons lately?! Thank goodness Belle hasn't caught the "I don't friend you" bug. Strangely the kids here don't say that..I think it's a msian thing..hahaha..

ryeli said...

vien - she doesn't watch superman at all nor read about him... she's very much influenced by the kids at the day care. and yes, the 'i don't friend u' thingy is definitely a malaysian thingy. i remember we say this all the time when we were in school!

zara's mama said...

Hahah.. love her saying her dad is superman.

Did she watch superman before? Because my girls sure don't know what superman is like.