Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update: Diaper-less at nights mission ABORTED!!!

Mummy was so gung-ho in training me to go diaper-less at nights over a month go, the thing is, it only last for 2 weeks! She realized that it was going to be super duper tough to break the habit as I pee like 3-4 times in a night and I can even sleep peacefully on my wet soiled pajamas and bed. So I’m back to diapers at nights (hooray!) and she said when I start to have dry diapers (if ever) in the mornings, she would look into this again.

As much as I know I won’t be getting my Barbie dollhouse soon, I’m cool about it as I don’t get disturbed by mummy to wake up and pee. I think mummy is happy too that she doesn’t need to worry about me wetting my bed anymore.

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Health Freak Mommy said...

Do you give Rye Li milk just b4 bedtime? With my #2 it was harder to wean her off diapers at nite coz she rarely had a dry diaper the next morning. We just went cold turkey and stopped giving her drinks an hour b4 bedtime. At 12am, my maid will carry her to the loo to pee. R u ready 4 that? very tiring 4 a working mum i know.