Saturday, April 03, 2010

Mummy’s entry – training to be diaper-less at nights

Since weaning Haye Li has been so easy, I thought I might as well trained Rye Li to be diaper-less at nights while I still have a helper. Also, it would save us some money as well.

I have been telling Rye Li for months that she is a big girl already and that she doesn’t need to wear diapers at night especially since she does not wear diapers during daytime for quite some time now. But she refused and I also I was too lazy to force her then.

So lately, I took a different approach and told her that her diapers in a year costs me RM400 and with that money, I can buy her a Barbie Doll’s house (actually, I have no idea how much a Barbie Doll’s house costs and whether there is a such thing too). Her immediate response was “Ok mummy, I don’t want to wear diapers already and I will wee-wee in the potty in my room!” (I told her that a potty will be put in the room for her easy access).

We are into the 7th night already training her and how has it been? It’s been a total failure and my sleep disruption is getting worst with not only Haye Li waking me up through the nights but Rye Li too.

First night – I learnt that this lazy bum will not get up to pee so I had to get up to make her pee. She peed 2 times on the bed and 1 time managed to pee in the potty. Of course, we had to change her pajamas too and her bed sheet in the morning.

Second night – I made sure that I will wake up through the nights to make her pee but I failed the first wake up call and she is to blame as who would have thought she would pee after like 1 hour plus into her sleep from her last pee. But the remaining two times were successful. Her pajamas and bed sheet were again changed.

Third night – Only successful night! And I made sure I praised her like mad and I was pretty sure that this is IT to having her fully trained. I woke up 3 times to make her pee; 1st one at 11 plus pm (yes, I sleep that early now coz I’m so sleep deprived), 2nd one at 2 plus am and 3rd one at 5 plus am. She wakes up at 7am and I also made sure she pees first before taking her milk.

Fourth night – She peed once and that was because I couldn’t wake up on time to make her pee. This was earlier in the night and I also put layers of nappy cloth under her so her bed sheet was totally dried up in the morning.

Fifth night – She peed twice and this time she got serious scolding from me as after the first round of peeing and me having to change her and all; the next round when I woke her up, she refused to pee and went back to sleep. And true enough, shortly after that, she peed again. The bed sheet was changed again.

Sixth night – She peed three times! Partly my fault too as I was too tired to get up on time but I was surprised as to how much pee she has in the potty with her 3 attempts at it too.

I am now thinking of not letting her drink any water at nights anymore and only her milk which is like 7oz at her bedtime. And also probably I will need to set the alarm to have me wake up on time to make her pee.

Tonight is the 7th night and I’m so dead tired and as much as part of me wants to go back to letting her wear her diapers, another part of me is also determined to continue this training. I have been psyching her to get up own self but no such luck yet. There has got to be a better way. I’m so envious of my close friend’s daughter who is 2 weeks apart from Rye Li and has not been wearing diapers since she was 1 year plus (she was having dry diapers in the mornings then which led her mom to just let her go diaperless). Rye Li has never ever gotten a dry diaper at all in the mornings and I’m also wondering whether it’s in the genes since I used to wet my bed until I was like 7-8 years old.

Should I just let her wear diapers till she wears it out herself and stop torturing myself further?!!!!


KittyCat said...

Wow...I can imagine the same scenario for me too if I tried it on the boy. He's also diaperless at the kindy but he's too lazy (or tired) to wake up at night to pee.

I control his water bottle to only 3 oz before he sleeps now. And he must go for a last pee. If not, he'll definitely overflow in his MamyPoko and I have to change everything in the morning!

I get really fed up when he snuggles close to me coz then our bed is wet. It's OK if his bed gets wet coz it's the latex mattress.

I don't dare try what you do - don't think I have the energy! Maybe wait till she wakes up with a dry diaper in the morning? The books say that's when they are physically ready to go diaperless...

The girl is actually better because I find her diaper dry many times. Be great if she potty trains early (like Haye Li) and her brother may be motivated to be like her too. Keeping fingers crossedlah...

zmm said...

Oh gosh, it's like doing all the night feed all over again.

I had very little problem with Zaria, she somehow is very good with her bladder control. Before she reached 2yrs, she's totally off diapers, even at night. And since then, only wet her bed like 2, 3 times.

As for Zara it took longer, and I don't really wake up to ask her to pee, but I have diaper on her, and asked her to wake me up should she need to go to the toilet.

It took about two weeks of dry diaper later, that I then removed her diaper totally.

The good thing about the girls are, they never had to wake up middle of the night to want to pee. They could hold it till morning, as I insisted they pee right before sleeping.