Monday, November 10, 2008

Over the weekend

My weekends lately have been filled with loads of people at our house. I’m alright with this as I get loads of people and kids to play with me. Only recently, mummy managed to get some pictures of me with one of my visitors.

Depending on my mood, I will let the kids play with my toys which I have been. But at times, I will snatch them back and don’t let them play. And poor baby Liv got this from me. She came over the weekend with her mama, Aunty Carine and Aunty Pei See with her baby, Kai Jin. Kai Jin wasn’t too playful so I only played with Liv. Mummy didn’t manage to get a picture of all three of us again (she has been trying to since we all met for the first time – with baby Liv anyway – three weeks ago!)

The following pictures are mostly with Baby Liv – again, mummy has been hopeless at taking pics when there are visitors around. Baby Liv is nearly two years younger than I but she is around the same weight as I am too. Mummy has been telling me that I need to eat more proper food than the junk food I like so that I can grow taller at least.

with aunty carine, our driver, mummy says this is a good way to lose some pounds!

Baby Liv, I had fun playing with you. Sorry if I snatched some of my toys of you, I will let you play with them again next time okay?! Just don't forget to bring your mummy along, we need her for our driver again!

On Sunday morning, I went to Aunty Ng’s for one of my daycare mate’s, William’s birthday party. Papa took me there and I wanted him to stay with me. As you can see from some of the pics, I was back to being “Ms. Grumps” again.

with Madelene mei-mei, William's sister (I like playing with her at Aunty Ng's)

yes, she is nearly as big as me although she's only 1 and a half years old


Liv said...

Hey Ryeli...I love your toys and i dont mind you snatching them away from me. I will do the sane when you come over and play with mine! ha! And don't worry, my mama follows me everywhere I go. She is a velcro mum; so she will be there to push us around next time we come and visit you.

Kai-Jin said...

when I learn to use my hand and walk, I will be snatching everyone's toy! hehehe