Friday, November 28, 2008

Mummy’s entry – the things she says!

Don't let her innocent look fool you.... :D

Rye Li’s not even 3 years old yet and she sure has a lot to say! At times I feel as if she’s like an old aunty (yes I know, she probably got the lingo off me!). There have been so many things lately she has conversed with us which (I hope I’ve remembered all) caught us by surprise but last night’s outburst from her to her paternal grandparents really reminded me that I need to update her blog on this.

Being grandparents, they like to tease her now and then which usually will make Rye Li irritated and she would reply back with a “NO!” or “I don’t want!” and even “I don’t friend you”. But last night, she went “Next time don’t come (to) my house!” which made her Ah Kong and Ah Por burst out in laughter. Of course, I had to reprimand her and told her not to be rude and further explained to her later that it was not a nice thing to say. I told her to just tell them not to disturb her if she doesn’t like what they have to say. Not sure if she understood my lecturing or not.

There was even one time when her Ah Por told her not to watch too close to the TV and she replied “I don’t want to talk to you” and continued watching her Barney, ignoring her Ah Por.

Last week, when we picked her up from the daycare, Aunty Ng told us to be careful of what we say in front of the girl. Apparently, she told one of her daycare mates, after seeing her in a Mamy Poko diapers, “So expensive diapers, waste money only!

I have myself to be blamed for this as several weeks ago, she saw some Mamy Poko diapers for her mei-mei, Haye Li which I got as samples. I guess it reminded Rye Li of her time when she was wearing Mamy Poko diapers at nights. We used to point out the Pooh bear and friends characters from the diapers at nights before bedtime. I’ve stopped buying this brand since their quality isn’t as good anymore and that Huggies is a cheaper alternative for at nights (she only wears diapers when we go out for a long time or when she wants to poo during the daytime so I have resorted in buying cheaper diapers for this).

Anyway, when she saw Haye Li’s Mamy Poko’s diapers, she asked me to buy some for her and I replied (without thinking) “No need, they are so expensive, waste money only!”. I didn’t realize that she would use the same on others. I guess we as parents need to be mindful that not only we need to be careful for not swearing in front of the kids, but also other negative things that we are so used in saying.

Other than the above negative stuff she has to say, she loves conversing with us now. One night while watching her ritual cartoon before bedtime, she turned to me and said “You know what happen (ed) to my leg at Aunty Ng’s today?”. And I replied “what?” and she continued “I scratch (ed) and scratch (ed) until the thing (the mosquito bite on her leg) come (came) out

Or she would tell me that her friends at Aunty Ng do not want to friend her anymore because they are all so naughty (I think it's definitely the other way round).

At times, I would ask her stuff of what she did at the daycare and she will tell me a lot of things. I wasn’t sure whether some of the things were real or not till I asked Aunty Ng and true enough, all the things she had to tell me were true.

There was one night as well that we had some guests over and they stayed till quite late. This girl came and asked me in front of them “Why the aunty don’t (doesn’t) want to go home?”. Yes, she is also getting bolder and just last weekend when we had our families over for Haye Li’s full moon, just when our guests were leaving, this girl went “Nobody can take my mei-mei home!

I’m wondering what will the next shocker from her would be now… sigh!

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KittyCat said...

She really said that about the kid in MamyPoko??!!! Hahahahahaha smart girl...