Monday, July 03, 2006

6 months

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I had 2 jabs over the weekend! I repeat 2!!!!! And this was supposed to be my last until I’ve reached a year old but no, Mummy and Papa have agreed to go ahead with another 3 jabs (which will be spread out in the next few months) that’s good for me. What are they thinking of??!!! On Saturday, even though I didn’t feel the 1st jab I had, the 2nd one was pain enough to make me scream. Luckily, mummy and papa know how to calm me down.

On a brighter note, I’ve grown taller and bigger. I’m now 60.5cm in height and 6.5kgs (6 weeks back I was 57.2cm and 6kgs).

My developments so far :-

- I not only talk a lot, I also move a lot. I can roll over to my front and back but still get stuck at times. When I turn over, I’ll use up a lot more space than I used to so I’m mostly surrounded by pillows if I’m on Mummy’s bed.
- I can get on all fours and will rock to and fro and then I will fall over on my sides (Mummy says I should be learning how to crawl forward soon instead of moving backwards most of the time)
- I can push up my butt real high
- I grab on for anything that is infront of me and I like putting them in my mouth. If I can’t get hold of it, I will pull myself forward to have a taste of it. And if I can’t taste it, I will still have to touch it in anyway I can.
- I can put my toes into my mouth and shoes too when I’m wearing them but mummy doesn’t like me tasting my shoes
- My bottom 2 front teeth have not erupted yet but can be seen under my gums since a month back
- I sleep through the nights (have been since 3 and half months but will get up once or twice when I don’t feel so good). I will be asleep by 9 plus and will wake up from 7am onwards.
- In a day, I drink at least 25oz of breast milk, 1-2 feeds of formula milk and a feed of baby cereal
- I’m very vocal at times, responding to people when they talk to me. At times, when I’m overly excited, I will squeal and laugh especially in the mornings when Mummy or Papa greets me at my cot
- When I’m excited, I will be moving my arms and legs about in the air. Mummy said I look like a puppy swimming when I do that.


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