Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Growing up

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I’m growing up real fast – too fast for Mummy. I’ve learnt to move a lot, turning sideways easily now and to my front or back while lying down also. So, I’ve discovered that I can actually move more when Mummy changes my diapers or change me into my clothes. This has become a nightmare for Mummy coz it takes longer for her to do these simple chores now. I really cannot help it coz it’s so boring staying still there.

Mummy said she cannot believe how in less than a week, I’ve become unmanageable at the dressing table. She has tried all tactics that she can think off to have me stay put while she changes my diaper and clothes. She gave me toys but I still turn left or right with the toys. She sang me songs which works for that few seconds before I turn back to touch the things around me. Her last resort is to get Papa to hold me down while she changes my diaper at least. But Papa can’t be around all the time! hehe…

I find myself in the total opposite direction when I get up in the mornings. Mummy will put me on my back at the bottom of my cot when it is time for bed but I am always either at the middle of the cot sideways or at the top of the cot. At times I find myself facing down too or stuck at corners which I can wiggle myself back to the centre.

Mummy and Papa are worried about me starting to crawl. They’ve made more space for me at the living area but they still have a lot to do in getting their stuff out of the way.


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