Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Papa

Father’s day is around the corner and I thought I should show my appreciation to my papa who will be celebrating father’s day for the first time.

My papa has been well, my papa! He has adjusted well to being my papa from the time I was born which has made mummy very proud of him. He may not realize it (coz he has voiced out numerous times that I’m more attached to Mummy) but hanging out with him is really refreshing coz it can be very boring being with Mummy all the time.

Papa takes me for walks around our condo over the weekends when he needs to go buy newspapers. I like this a lot coz I get to see the garden, playground and the swimming pool before heading down to the shop. At times, there will be people and children at the playground and swimming pool so I get really curious and will be staring at them. If not, I will be staring around at the plants, trees and birds (if I’m lucky).

Papa loves fishes a lot. We have a lot of them around our place which keeps me occupied at times. Not just moving ones but non-moving ones too on the walls and really colourful they are. We also have some moving fishes at our balcony which makes me really curious coz of the water sounds that comes from it. Every time papa carries me out there for sure I will look towards the fishes. I’ve learnt that one of the tanks in the house has sea fishes in them and I like this one the most coz it’s big and bright when the light turns on. The fishes never fail to get my attention coz they move a lot. And on the outside of this tank, there’s a non-moving fish that is stuck to it. When you pull it out, it will vibrate back in. I find this really ticklish at times and will laugh at it.

I’ve heard that when I get bigger, papa is going to take me fishing and also to the waterfalls. Papa just loves water (which is probably why he loves fishes too). He may not look like a person that loves swimming (coz of his size) but he can swim pretty well and a natural at floating (mummy says it has got to do with his fats). So he’s a firm believer in our natural surroundings. I guess if our weather is not so hot, he will be taking me camping too.

Papa doesn’t sing to me like how mummy does – he claims that he was not taught of any songs at school. So he plays me music instead, mostly from his handphone and if not, it will be from the computer.

When I get cranky, papa tries his best to calm me down and if it doesn’t work, he will cry along with me. I find this irritating coz he mimics whatever I do. And when he cannot stand my screaming any longer, he’ll take me to mummy. There were many times when we followed mummy around the house, even when she’s in the shower. But this works coz I get to be carried around and I like being carried.

I do not know what we’ll be doing this Father’s day yet but I heard that papa will be taking me swimming! Yippie!

Happy Father’s Day Papa and I love you!


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