Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mummy's entry - Starting Solids

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I decided to start Rye Li on solids mid of June at 5 and half months. The nursery had the privilege of starting it first (sob sob!) and they started with baby cereal mixed with formula. They started with half an oz of cereal and this girl finished them all at once. The next day they gave her 1oz instead but she didn’t finish it.

Over that weekend, I gave her 1.5oz mixed with breastmilk. What seems an easy task (after all, 1.5oz is really little in our adult’s world where we can finish it in 1 gulp) took me about half an hour or so to feed her. No wonder the books or websites say to feed babies at a time where you’re not rushing to do other things.

What I have learnt from feeding her:-
- you not only have to be alert but you need to be super fast coz there will be a lot more coming out from her mouth than going in. So you’ll need to be able to scoop those that are coming out before it droops down to baby’s neck or clothes or bib or chair or floor

- get a big bib (ideal one would be like raincoats)

- get an umbrella on standby because your baby can sneeze when you’re just about to put that spoon full of cereal into her mouth (rye li did this to me twice!). of course you’ll have to be really fast in covering yourself and not to get those brolly with the sharp pointers at the tip

- make sure baby is positioned in an open space area so even when she sneezes, it will only affect the floor and not your sofa or tv or table or toys

- make sure you have loads of tissue paper on standby coz the towel and bib won't be sufficient anymore halfway through the meal

- to have handcuffs or perhaps strings to tie hands down (OPTIONAL), trust me, hands can be everywhere and anywhere (in rye li case, she also sucks her thumb in between...sigh!)

And these are all from feeding her 1.5oz of baby cereal (probably less than 3 tablespoons full or thereabouts). I cannot imagine when she starts eating larger amounts.


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