Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Penang, here I come!

I’m going to Penang next week! Yippie!!! Have been hearing of this place for so long but never got to go there. Papa asked Mummy whether we should drive up there so that they can test me for the journey to Perhentian Island in June (It takes 4 hours car ride to get to Penang and about 7 hours to the jetty to Perhentian Island) . Mummy was reluctant initially coz she doesn’t want her pumping sessions (expressed breastmilk) to be affected. She feels that the traveling will affect it and hence, she wont be able to express as much as before especially when I go to Aunty Ng’s.

But since Papa’s birthday is coming up (and also the fact that Mummy has been dying to go there for a long time now), Mummy gave in. She will be taking leave from work and we will follow Papa up to Penang. Papa goes there nearly every week for work.

Seems that we will be staying in the hotel for the first night there and then we will be staying at Ah Por’s for the second night before we head home. And this week, when Papa comes back from Penang, Ah Por and Ah Kong will follow him back too. They want to do their visa….they will be going to China soon. So nice…maybe one day I’ll get to follow them there too.

Mummy is keeping her fingers crossed that her milk supply for me will not get lesser during this trip. She’s been complaining already that it is getting lesser by the day and she thinks it has got to do with stress. And she’s worried now about the packing she needs to do for this trip – she’s scared that she will forget to bring along some of my things. She should be chilling out more.

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