Friday, April 21, 2006

being abandoned

Mummy says she’s gonna train me to say “Papa, why are you abandoning us again?” when I start to talk. You see, even way before I was born, Mummy complaints that he always abandon her when he goes for his business trips. Initially, Mummy wasn’t used to it all and didn’t like being at home alone so she always laments and use this phrase when Papa has to go. And when Papa calls home when he’s outstation, first thing Mummy would say is “when are you coming back?”.

Back then, Papa used to go away for up to 3 nights and eventually Mummy couldn’t take it any longer (after the 2nd night, she misses him terribly) and told him 2 nights are the max he can go for unless it’s an overseas trip then she cannot have her say anymore (it will be Papa’s boss’ say!)

Now that I’m in the picture, Mummy has restricted Papa to go for only a night coz she feels more vulnerable. I would say she’s just paranoid! She tells Papa a lot of “what ifs” situations like “What if someone were to break into the house while he’s away?”, “What if there was an emergency like me being sick or the car broke down?”

So poor Papa has to comply with Mummy’s wishes and has dutifully gone for a night to his Penang trips so far. Wonder how Mummy will cope when Papa has to travel overseas for his sales meetings or for other business. It hasn’t happen yet.

Anyway, Papa is abandoning us again tomorrow and even though it is a day trip, it still doesn’t count coz it’s a Saturday! He’s going down to Singapore with Peh Deh (Papa’s brother) for a dive exhibition.

Mummy thought she can have her day out too since Ah Por and Ah Kong will be down and they can babysit me. But she just got to know that they won’t be. Lucky for her, she got plan B – I will now be heading to Ai Yee’s (mummy's sister) and will have Kakak (Ai Yee's maid) looking after me with Grandma too. At least I got more people to carry me around!

Hey I just realized…. Mummy, why are you abandoning me too?!!!

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chunson said...

sounds like a sure fire way of mummy suffocating daddy.. too many what if's... :p