Monday, April 10, 2006

My 3rd jab

It's time for a jab again. This 3rd one was delayed by my doc coz he said since I was a small baby, it's better that I get the jab later. Moreover, this one can cause fever which Mummy and Papa are praying that I do not get it. The last 2 scares have been enough for them.

This time round, Papa got to drive us to the hospital. Mummy said he has to go along as well from now on since it's so hard to find a parking space there. At least with Papa around, he can drop us off first as the queue to see my doctor can also be quite long. There were a lot of people there and babies too as usual. So we had to wait for my turn. But I had to be weighed and measured first and Mummy was delighted that my weight now is 5.4kgs (nearly 12 pounds) and my height now is 57cm.

I was very inquisitive with the surroundings, looking here and there. I cannot help it, there were so many movements every where. We were waiting for like half an hour before Papa showed up. He said he gave up looking for a parking space and went and park at the hotel's parking space next door. He said more expensive but at least he doesn't need to wait and look for an available space.

Not long after that, it was my turn to see the doc. I don't know why but I was somewhat attracted to my doc. While he was talking to Mummy and Papa, I kept smiling and talking to him but he didn't respond to me, he just kept talking to Mummy. Then he asked for me to be put down so he can check me. I tried talking to him again but he busily went on checking me out, pressing here and there. He told Mummy that I was growing well. Mummy said that she has not been successful in giving me formula and he replied that I am a smart baby, knowing what is best for me. I'm beginning to like this doc!

He then lifted me up and asked Mummy to carry me, with my back facing him. He asked Mummy to hold me a certain way and the next thing I knew; I felt a sharp pain on my right. I screamed and Mummy managed to calm me down and immediately I stopped since I don't feel the pain anymore. Mummy said I was a very good girl this time at the doc's.

Mummy asked the doc whether she can take me swimming already and he said can as long it’s just playing with water and not leaving me in there for long. She told him that they will be taking me to the island in June and asked if this is okay and the doc said no problem. Papa was really happy to hear this. So Aunty Pei See, I will see you soon in June! Don't forget to get my baby gear ready for me!!! ;)

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