Saturday, March 04, 2006

First Smile

How can I not forget my first actual smile coz mummy, being the sour grapes, went on and on about it. You see, she wasn’t too happy that I gave my first smile to papa. She kept telling people how she always sings to me, talks to me, and of course looks after me more than papa and yet, I seem to response more to papa than her. She doesn’t understand that what I have lacking, I would want it more, just like any other human being. And in this case, I don’t get to be with papa as often as I am with mummy, so it will make more sense that I will react more to papa.

It happened like this… during my 9th week, Mummy was feeding me her expressed milk through the bottle in the living room. Papa just came back from Penang and walked through the front door. Once he entered, he called out “Baby” and I half smiled. Mummy, upon seeing this then asked Papa to say that again. And when he did, I fully smiled. Mummy yelled out “She smiled!”. Papa came to me and talked to me and this time I kept smiling. Mummy, again the sour grapes, just passed me to Papa and said “Nah, you feed her since she’s so happy to see you”.

She left us and Papa just talked to me. I responded with some sounds which made mummy even more upset. Papa was so thrilled that he said he wants to tell the whole world which for him, his world at that time was just to Uncle Adrian. He went on how it made his day to come home to see me smiling like this. He’s been stressed with work lately so to him, coming home to me is like forgetting all his worries. Sigh, poor Papa. Is it that stressful working?!!

Ever since my first smile, I only responded to Papa for the next few days. After that, it was to everyone. But mummy kept on telling people that the reason I responded to Papa was that I’m mostly exposed to women and children whose voices are higher pitch. So when Papa, who got a lower pitch, talks to me, it will definitely arouse a response from me. Sour grapes!

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